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 Carry a preserved wedding bouquet

This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

Your wedding bouquet is one of the most important arrangements you will ever choose, and modern brides can feel a lot of pressure when deciding on the type of flowers and the style they want. This pressure means that while some crafty brides have a go at creating their own perfect bouquet, most of us tend to leave it to the professionals.

Of course, DIY and florist-created bouquets are not the only options available to you for your big day. Special techniques have been perfected over the years which have made it possible to preserve flowers in a completely natural state which you can use for your event or have arranged afterwards. These modern preserved bouquets are a whole other class when compared to flowers preserved with older, more traditional techniques.

These older techniques might be reasonably effective, but a lot of the time they affect the way the flowers look; colors become less vibrant and delicate petals seem brittle and dull. Modern preservation methods have led to the creation of a special preservation formula that replaces the natural water and sap within flowers, leaves and stems; and the resulting preserved bouquets are completely true to life, with all the natural colors and textures of the blooms captured in time.

Preserved wedding bouquets can last a lifetime

Why Choose A Preserved Wedding Bouquet?

 Couples have been preserving their wedding flowers for generations and it has become something of a tradition. Not only does it mean you can enjoy your sentimental arrangements for a lot longer, but the preserved flowers can also be used to brighten up your interiors after the wedding, and are as delightful as having fresh flowers without the need to replace them when they start to fade. New techniques allow you to go a step further and purchased preserved wedding bouquets and arrangements.

Preserve a special flower or a whole bunch

This isn’t just a cost-effective way to have fresh-looking flowers all year round, it’s also more eco-friendly. The majority of the fresh flowers we buy from florists have been grown in far-flung corners of the globe and are then usually shipped by air freight, so they arrive quickly and in perfect condition. Longer distances and more frequent shipping add up in terms of emissions, so by choosing to carry preserved wedding flowers helps you to cut your carbon footprint when you turn something bought for one use into a long-lasting decor element.

Displaying your preserved wedding bouquet

Displaying Your Preserved Wedding Flowers

A preserved wedding bouquet can be a wonderfully versatile thing. They can be displayed in the same way they were on your wedding day, or they can be transformed into something else entirely. One of the most traditional ways to display a preserved wedding bouquet is to create a floral shadow box. If you are a bit crafty then you might want to have a go at making your own shadow box, all you need is a deep box frame which is big enough to fit your flowers into, your preserved flowers, a way to fix them within the box, and any extra bits to dress the flowers up such as ribbon.

Of course, you can always leave it to the professionals. As the techniques used to create perfectly preserved flowers have improved, specialist florists all over the world are creating stunning, artisanal displays using high quality blooms. Couples in the USA might like to check out Keepsake Floral, and UK brides and grooms should take a look at Endura Roses for some truly special preserved wedding bouquets.

Timeless red roses


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Snow White & her Prince

This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime….

It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen Snow White, I still route for her not to eat the poisonous apple.

I know. I know, the poisonous apple leads her to true love’s kiss, but I can’t help but wish for a non-salty path to her Happily Ever After. Who routes for stress anyways?

Having a stress free fairytale-wedding

Luckily, in reality, brides don’t have to travel down Snow White’s tension-ridden path to Happily Ever After. You can thank the endless tap of support and stress-free alternatives waiting to take lead: internet, wine, and those friends who don’t hold anything back when it comes to giving free advice (usually after two glasses of wine.)

When it’s your time to ring the bell for wedding flower planning, we wanted to make sure you have a quick handy-dandy guide (particularly like this one below) that will help steer you away from the most common wedding flower oversights – no one likes pesky little speed bumps.

How To Have A Fairytale Wedding

Read on for a collection of bad apples to avoid, so you can feel all the zen when stepping foot into your first floral consultation. There will be no trumping bliss mode here.

Bring reality to your Pinterest dreams

1. Mistaking Inspiration for Reality

We all know Pinterest is an inspiration mecca. It’s the first spot we hunt for inspo and the last place we check before making any final inspo decisions – especially for wedding planning. However, what we have to commit to memory is that Pinterest is inspiration and solely JUST that. We would warn not to mistake inspiration for reality.

In actuality, the majority of wedding flowers found via Pinterest (those you fall in love with and obsess over) are Photoshop’d, color corrected, or styled flawlessly after 30 shots/takes – which is why Pinterest replicating isn’t a fun game and can leave so many of us frustrated.

Choosing wedding flowers & more

We’re here to provide a friendly reminder to take a step back, breathe, and disengage from sparking the madness of Pinterest perfection, because who likes copycats anyways? Make it your own.

Your love story should be different because get this….there isn’t a love out there like yours and soon-to-be-hubby’s. And, the right wedding florist will encourage this truth by assisting you in finding similar choices and solutions to capture all those Pinterest inspirations. Take in the inspo but cheer for originality.

2. Not Factoring in Extra Budget

Remember, the so-called wedding vendor you absolutely love because of their incredible designs, gifted talent, and rocking personality? Well… take away that extra budget tacked on at the end of the invoice, and they wouldn’t be in business. The extra budget isn’t one hefty number vendors just pull out of thin air. That number is formed from items that get the job done such as tax, rentals, gas mileage, labor, and more. While heading into your meeting, keep in mind that vendors have to earn a living to be able to afford to design magical moments for us all somehow.

Understanding the importance of the extra budget component will allow you to be less hesitant at that fundamental number at the bottom of your invoice. Trust me, the added labor costs are essential and extremely worth it.

Consider all the costs when selecting vendors

3. Wedding Floral Budgets Are Not the Same

Every wedding is different. Therefore, every wedding budget is different. A big, big misconception is when a bride compares her flower quotes to a fellow girlfriends wedding.

For instance, your friend had her wedding in Napa Valley, and you’re having yours in Charleston. There’s already a HUGE difference: location. Add in the decor styles, theme, flower preferences, and y’all will come up with completely different Pinterest boards. With these differences on board comes contrasting price points. And, that’s A-okay.

Hopefully, spotlighting these common floral mistakes will lead you to sighs of relief instead of tense shoulders as you joyfully journey toward your Big Day. Swerve around those bad apples and keep that hippo sized to-do list in check.

Keep Blooming!

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