After the wedding, let your Western Australia honeymoon begin

Photo credit: Jeffrey Wang from Perfect Moment Photography Wedding Blog

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Planning a honeymoon in Western Australia after the wedding? We can’t blame you. From the white sands to cozy breweries, towering forests to sprawling vineyards, it’s full of romantic sights and spots. But which spot deserves your attention the most?

Welcome to Western Australia

Photo credit: Jeffrey Wang from Perfect Moment Photography Wedding Blog


A wonderfully mild-weathered city, Perth has all the comforts of modern convenience but with plenty of verdant quiet spots, as well.

Kings Park can be an excellent choice for a romantic stroll together, while the gorgeous Elizabeth Quay lights up at night, creating a dazzling display across the water that you can enjoy from a nice, lazy cruise.

Head down the canal into Perth’s old town to see some classic charm from the city, too.

Margaret River

A gorgeous region of rolling hills, caves, and natural beauty as far as the eye can see, Margaret River might be the perfect place for those who want to go exploring on their honeymoon.

It’s full of luxury glamping eco-accommodations, helping you wake up to the sights and sounds of nature but in plenty of comfort.

There are plenty of food and wine tours sampling the best of the region’s delicacies, too, so when you’re not exploring natural sites like the Lake Cave or Meelup Beach, you can be chowing down and sipping on some gorgeous local produce.

Fun in Western Australia

Photo credit: Jeffrey Wang from Perfect Moment Photography Wedding Blog


If you’re coming to Western Australia for lazy sunbathing days and coastal adventures along miles of white sands, then Broome might just be the perfect place for you.

A laid-back town that’s significantly smaller than bigger cities like Perth, it still has plenty of modern luxury as a much-loved tourist spot.

Take a trip across the sands with a sunset camel ride, take a day trip to the Willie Creek Pearl Farm to lay your eyes on some natural jewelry, and take a day trip down to Cable Beach for some sunbathing.

Cable Beach

You can reach Cable Beach from Broome easily enough, but some people might like those gorgeous, sprawling sands so much they want to spend the whole honeymoon there and they definitely can.

There’s plenty to do at Cable Beach, whether you want to live it up and get pampered at the Bali Hai Resort & Spa or you want to grab an Intombi Sunset Cruise.

Cable Beach enjoys some of West Australia’s best weather, not to mention some of the best views of the sunset you can hope to find in the country.

Rottnest Island

Western Australian wedding

Photo credit: Jeffrey Wang from Perfect Moment Photography Wedding Blog

A low-lying island that’s nearly twenty kilometers off the coast of Freemantle, Rottnest can feel like a relatively undiscovered oasis of natural beauty with real potential for adventure.

An easy-going destination with no more than 300 permanent residents, it’s one of the most picturesque destinations on this list with colorful coves, sandy beaches, and lots of animal friends to meet, including quokkas, adorable little fluffy mammals that aren’t afraid to come up and greet tourists.

Relive a classic date scene when you’re done exploring by spending a night at the amusement park and spend the evening snuggling up in the pool beneath the sunset.


Feel like a seafaring adventure full of truly unique sights? Esperance is a coastal region that not only has amazing beaches but virgin coastal scrub and literally dozens of islands that you can tour full of some truly unique sights.

Lake Hillier, a lake that’s bright pink, is one of the highlights on Middle Island, as are the beaches like Lucky Bay, where you can laze by the water only to find wild kangaroos doing the exact same.

There’s plenty of good beach pub grub and drink, as well, for some of that classic Australian hospitality.


An easy-going city that serves as the gateway to the Margaret River region, Busselton also has plenty of its own attractions to keep honeymooners satisfied, excited, and in that romantic mood.

The Busselton Jetty is the city’s most famous sight, a long walk over the sprawling emerald waters that can also be enjoyed by train with an Underwater Observatory at the very end of it.

The foreshore is another highlight, with gorgeous, clean golden sands, restaurants, fishing, kayaks, peddle-boats and just about anything a couple of loved-up beach bums could want out of a coastal retreat.

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Make Western Australia your wedding destination

Photo credit: Jeffrey Wang from Perfect Moment Photography Wedding Blog

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