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This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

Weekend weddings may be the norm, but why not shake it up? The week is calling and it says break up the monotony of the Monday thru Friday routine and keep the weekend for yourself!


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Advantages Of Weekday Weddings

Busy brides and grooms-to-be these days don’t necessarily need the weekend to tie the knot and couples working on a smaller budget are conscious of that weekend price tag.

When talking with your planner about a unique alternative to a Saturday or Sunday wedding day, keep in mind that a festive midweek wedding is still fabulous!

You can keep it glamorous or dial it down for something more casual. Every budget and vision can still fit a festive midweek wedding. Whether your focus is on having a small party, amazing decor, or tasty food, you can achieve your wedding dreams on a weekday.


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Taco Tuesday for Starters

A Tuesday wedding gets guests thru mundane Mondays and looking forward to an awesome afternoon or evening with friends!

Creating a weekend atmosphere on a Tuesday can be as easy as adding a theme your guests can look forward to while they countdown until the “I Do’s”. Consider, for example, a fiesta!

Keeping the decor fresh and fun shows your guests that it might be a “school night” but they’re still here to let loose and celebrate! Adding games such as LED Cornhole, Giant Jenga, or Bocci Ball can add that element of fun your guests will see as an invitation to let their hair down.

Big flowers

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Use bright colors keeping the design of your wedding full of interesting aesthetics such as bold patterns, rich jewel tones, and evening textured runners for some movement. When choosing florals look for smaller pieces that still make a big statement, like large sunflowers or blooming peonies.

Pick a menu that’s out of the ordinary! Engage those workweek tastebuds. Consider a food truck for interactive eats or dessert stations that get your guests involved with their dining experience, like liquid nitrogen ice cream made on the spot or an edible cookie dough bar.

Even if the entertainment is brief, it should be bumpin’! Just because you’re not rocking to the break of dawn doesn’t mean you can’t get down.


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Humpday Funday

What better way to party thru the week than planning Wednesday nuptials?!

Interest your family and friends in a midweek dinner instead of a full-blown reception.

For those intimate events where the guest list is exclusive, putting more emphasis on your ceremony and sharing a meal with your new partner in life and your family can create a unique and totally personal experience with the ones you love the most.


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Utilize family style meals alfresco with long tables that create an inclusive feeling for your guests under the night sky. This isn’t your Sunday family lasagne night!

Take a chance on showcasing some eclectic glassware, china, and flatware to add your own style: colored glass goblets, raised patterns on a porcelain bread plate, or even black, rose gold, or gold flatware. Bring something extra to this table!

Consider live music to accompany a family dinner. That extra touch of a quartet or an acoustic guitarist adds to the ambiance of your event bringing the night to life.


Happy Hour

Not interested in a formal sitdown dinner or party until midnight? A happy hour wedding is in the cards!

Pair a short afternoon ceremony with a happy hour cocktail reception instead if splurging on a full evening of dinner and dancing.

Create a lounge with sofas, loveseats, chairs, even end tables and coffee tables. Your guests will love having the option to relax on a plush sofa while sipping a cocktail.


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Keep guests on trend with the wedding decor by utilizing your stationary, such as “beach vibes” or “an evening in Paris”. Welcome signs and personalized napkins can showcase unique stationery and your sense of style!

Build a bar menu to reflect your love story or interests. If you’re not planning on toasts or speeches share fun tidbits like “The Manhattan” – where the couple got engaged “Mai Tai”- Cheers to a tropical Honeymoon or create your own recipe and name it.

Choose substantial passed or stationed appetizers to fill your guests! If you’re deciding to skip a dinner but keep a bar option, your guests will need more than cheese and crackers. Consider something heart like flatbreads, spring rolls, sliders, and bruschetta.

Give your guests options for sitting and standing. For a cocktail reception you can not only utilize cocktail tables to stand and sit at, let your planner show you the latest and greatest lounge furniture to decorate your cocktail space.


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You Got This

It may not be the typical thing to do, but weekday weddings are just as special as one on a Saturday. Your vows to your partner and your celebration with family is just as meaningful on a Tuesday as any other day of the week.

Stick by your decision to tie the knot during the week. Some guests may ask why a weekday, after such a long-standing relationship with weekend weddings, but have no fear! Weekday weddings are on the rise!


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However, and whenever, the bride and groom want to share the special moments of their wedding day is completely up to them and we’re here for this new trend!

Let a Honeyfund honeymoon registry help finance your wedding dreams

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Creating your wedding registry

This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

Creating your wedding registry is one of the more fun things to do when you’re planning your dream wedding. And with the massive collection of online shops on the internet these days, the possibilities are endless.

But, before you dive right in and add a million things to your wishlist, here are things you should know about wedding gift registries.

P[anning your wedding registry

Before you start your wedding registry search

Going on the quest of finding gifts to add to your list can become overwhelming. You might find yourself at a later point, where you just mindlessly add things to your wedding registry search list – even if you don’t really need it.

You will soon be flooded with questions like “how do I know which gifts I should add?” and “how many gifts should I add and in which price ranges?”

You will find the Wedding Registry Kit very useful because it will help you to decide which items to add, how many of them, and in which price range so that it suits all of your wedding guests’ pockets. It also comes with a checklist of over 30 items, and a wedding registry ideas list.

The difference between a bridal registry and a wedding registry

Another confusing thing about searching for wedding registry gift ideas is the difference between a bridal registry and a wedding registry.

The bridal registry is a gift list you set up for the bridal shower. In contrast, the wedding registry includes gifts your guests can buy for the wedding – and may include gifts for the groom, too.

The great thing about having both is that many guests will buy gifts for one or both occasions. So you can just add the gifts from your bridal registry which you haven’t received, to your wedding registry.

Finding stores for your registry

How to locate wedding registry stores

Another way to go hunting for wedding registry gift, is by finding wedding registry stores which provide a service.

You can find these stores by either going online to their websites, or by going to the mall and asking at each store’s help desk or customer services desk.

Most large homeware stores have them, and you can easily go to their website and add things you want on your wedding registry list.

You can create your gift registry online

The most convenient way to add gifts to your wedding list is by creating your gift registry online. We are all connected to the web nowadays, which makes it even easier to create your wedding registry from the comfort of your own couch.

There are many online wedding registries which will make it easy for you to add gifts from different stores to one place. You can then share the link to your wedding guests, either through your wedding website or by printing it on your wedding stationery and including it in the wedding invitation.

The best collective online registry where you can add items from multiple stores is the one provided by The Knot. The Knot also makes it super easy for you to add your Honeyfund account to your wedding registry – which you can share to your wedding guests and add to your wedding website!

Create your registry on line

Where to find wedding gift registry ideas

Save yourself all the trouble of searching for wedding gift registry ideas, by firstly creating your Honeyfund account. Your wedding guests will love the unique idea of contributing to your honeymoon in any way they choose to. When you’ve created a wedding website, you can simply add your Honeyfund account link to it, so that your wedding guests can start contributing.

Next, look on Pinterest for more unique wedding gift registry ideas, and be sure to look out for posts that tell you what NOT to add to your wedding registry!

Can you have more than one wedding registry?

Of course, you can!

If you like many things at different stores, you can simply add them to your wedding registry online, or you can have a registry at multiple stores.

However, don’t list the stores of the entire mall in your wedding registry info! If you want to add more than one store, limit yourself to 2 to 3 choices, at most.

Wedding registry selections

Can you have a wedding registry if you’re having a destination wedding?

The answer is yes!

I would suggest that you consider a registry fund, rather than listing homeware items, because it might seem rude to your guests if you have a destination wedding – which you know most guests won’t be able to attend – and then ask them to buy you expensive gifts…

That is why Honeyfund is so perfect! It will allow your wedding guests to contribute to your dream wedding, by adding a little something to your honeymoon. It is still a wedding gift, but it is a more subtle way to ask for it…

Gifts & destination weddings

BIO: Tanya Viljoen is a wedding expert who chose to help brides who plan their own wedding, as well as wedding planners who are new to the industry. She has completed her Advanced Wedding Planning & Styling Course at The SA School of Weddings in 2016 and now owns a very successful wedding blog: The Wedding Club.


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