Happily Ever After: The Top Things to Do After Your Wedding

You’ve said “I do” and celebrated your love with family and friends – yay!  After the whirlwind of your wedding day, you might be overwhelmed just thinking about all of those post-wedding must-dos. To help you navigate this transitional phase, we’ve put together a checklist to guide you in prioritizing these tasks, while recognizing that not everything is essential and you should prioritize what is best for you as a couple.


Check Your Honeyfund

While you can redeem the funds in your Honeyfund Wallet at any point before or after your big day, it’s a practical and exciting task to tackle early. If your guests contributed to your Honeyfund, consider converting your thoughtful gifts into cash—enjoy the flexibility of transferring it to PayPal, Venmo, or gift cards* (available to US couples only) without paying any fees. This way, you can make the most of your generous gifts.

Settle Outstanding Payments and Tip Vendors

This is a top priority. Your wedding vendors played a crucial role in making your day special. Take the time to settle any outstanding payments and consider showing your appreciation by tipping them for their hard work. There’s a bit of a gray area when it comes to tipping wedding vendors, so this is totally up to you—nonetheless, it’s a thoughtful gesture! 

Decide What to Do with Your Dress

Your wedding dress is a symbol of your special day, and deciding what to do with it can be a difficult decision. But you have options! You can preserve it, donate it, sell it, or even have it redesigned into a new piece of clothing. 

Preservation: If you opt to preserve it, most experts recommend getting this done as soon as possible after your wedding to prevent stains from setting.

Selling: If you don’t have any use for your dress sitting in your house as a memento, consider selling it instead. Consider listing it on Facebook marketplace, Poshmark or bringing it to a local consignment store. Just make sure to clean and repair any damages as soon as possible after your wedding and before listing your dress to maximize its resale value.

Donating: Donating your wedding dress can be a great way to give you dress a second life, especially if you didn’t break the bank when you bought it. Organizations like Brides Across America accept wedding dress donations they gift to military and first responder wives! 

Repurposing: Some brides get creative and repurpose their wedding dress into something new and meaningful, like christening gowns for their children, quilts, or even pieces of art. You could work with a talented seamstress or artisan to transform your dress into a unique keepsake. Or have it altered and dyed to turn it into a dress you wear at future formal occasions, like friends’ weddings or your own anniversary! 

Do Something with Your Bouquet

If you’re feeling sentimental about your wedding bouquet, there are several creative ways to preserve those beautiful blooms, turning them into lasting keepsakes. If you’ve saved your bouquet after the wedding, visit this task a month or two after your big day. Frame Bouquet Preservation: Transform your bouquet into a stunning piece of art that you can cherish forever. Seek out artists who specialize in framing your pressed flowers. This method beautifully displays your bouquet in a shadow box or frame, preserving the essence of your special day.

Resin Coasters: For a functional and decorative keepsake, consider having your wedding flowers turned into resin coasters or a decorated tray. Many talented artists on platforms like Etsy offer this service, giving your  flowers a practical purpose in your daily life.

Watercolor Painting: If you’re willing to part with the physical flowers but still want a heartfelt memento, a custom watercolor painting is a thoughtful alternative. This artistic representation can capture the essence and colors of your bouquet, creating a piece of art that will remind you of your wedding day for years to come.

Consider Merging Finances

While money might not be the most romantic topic, it is crucial for building a strong foundation in your relationship. Managing finances as a couple can be both beneficial and challenging, but it’s a conversation worth having early on. Combining finances with your partner can simplify managing household expenses and create a common budget while providing insights into each other’s financial habits. However, it’s equally crucial to openly communicate about spending, debts, and financial standing. 

While a joint bank account is a practical step, it doesn’t mean merging all assets is necessary. Some may need to stay separate, and this decision is often made through prenuptial agreements, especially when safeguarding family assets is a concern. In the end, the key to a successful financial partnership lies in transparent and honest communication, ensuring that money doesn’t become a source of conflict in your relationship.

Finish Your Registry

According to wedding etiquette, your guests have up to a year to choose a gift from your registry. Whether your Honeyfund was full of unique items or you didn’t have enough time to build it out as much as you’d like, it’s worthwhile to revisit your registry and expand it. Ensure that there’s a diverse selection of items at various price points to accommodate your guests. Don’t forget that every gift you receive converts into cash in your Honeyfund Wallet, which can be seamlessly transferred to PayPal, Venmo, or loaded onto a variety of gift cards with zero fees. This way, you can truly make the most of your thoughtful gifts

Consider Changing Your Name

Getting married marks a significant life change, and one decision you might be considering is whether to change your last name. It’s a personal choice that can take some time, but with careful planning, it can be a smoother process. Before diving into the name change process, have an open discussion with your partner and decide whether you want to change your last name or keep your current one. This is a personal decision, and doesn’t need to be done right away after the wedding, so choose what feels right for you.If you do decide to change your name, consider using a service like Easy Name Change to streamline the process.

Write Thank You Notes

Expressing gratitude is a must. Write heartfelt thank you notes to everyone who attended your wedding and gave you gifts within three months of your big day. Tip: do this early to get it done and crossed off your list. A handwritten note goes a long way in showing your appreciation.

Order Wedding Photos

To hold on to the magic of your wedding day, order wedding photos while the memories are still fresh. But here’s a tip: be mindful of the expenses when ordering prints; think about where you’ll display them, ensuring each photo has a special place in your heart and home.

You can also get imaginative with your photos, turning them into wall art, personalized thank-you cards, or even a custom calendar. Another trendy idea is to create a beautiful coffee table book to elegantly display your photos somewhere in plain sight.

Plan Your Honeymoon

It’s never too late to take a honeymoon. So if you haven’t had the chance to take your honeymoon yet, now’s the perfect time to start planning. Even if it’s a short weekend getaway, a honeymoon offers a wonderful opportunity to unwind and celebrate the beginning of your life together. But it’s more than just a trip; it’s a crucial step in building a successful marriage. Studies show that couples who go on a honeymoon tend to experience higher marital satisfaction in the long run. So, choose a destination that both of you will love and get ready to pack your bags for an adventure that promises unforgettable moments and a stronger bond for your future together

Set Goals for Your Marriage

After the wedding excitement, take time for a heart-to-heart with your partner about your dreams and goals as a couple. Share your individual dreams for your life together, whether it’s travel, family, or career achievements. Discuss both short-term and long-term goals, like saving for a dream vacation or planning for retirement, and create a practical plan with manageable steps and a timeline. But don’t forget to add some fun!  Plan adventures and trips that you can both look forward to in this new chapter as newlyweds.

The period following your wedding is a special time, marked by love, excitement, and new beginnings. These post-wedding tasks will help you transition smoothly into married life, allowing you to hold onto the memories of your big day while you build a beautiful future together.

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