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Enjoy Your Midweek Wedding

This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

Why Thursday Is The New Saturday

While to some, it may seem strange or even crazy to have a midweek wedding, many modern couples are finding the benefits outweigh the costs. These couples may be onto something: there are, in fact, many benefits to taking the path less traveled in terms of your wedding day, from major financial (SAVINGS) to being able to book your dream venue without having to wait two years for an open date, weekday weddings make sense.

And, with the increased popularity of lavish dessert bars brimming with macaron towers and geode cakes, multiple wedding dresses, and Instagramable flower arrangements, being able to budget other aspects of a wedding without compromising style can be incredibly helpful. To do this, couples are starting to look towards one of the newest wedding fads: a weekday wedding.

Get married on Taco Tuesday

Choosing Your Day

With a whole new world of dates opened up, it may be overwhelming to figure out which weekday could work for you. While there are benefits to all of the choices (yes, even Mondays) it is important to figure out which one is right for you. Especially if you are planning on having a daytime affair with, perhaps, an exciting pre-party as opposed to a late-night reception,

Monday is a perfect day. Especially if you have guests that are traveling, this could make for a great long weekend event. And anyway, who doesn’t want an excuse to turn a typical Monday into a reason to celebrate?

For great deals and, dare I say, a built-n theme, Taco Tuesday is the day for you! Break up the dreaded work week slump with some festive music and Mexican fare in celebration of your love.

Entering the heart of the week is not a bad option either: who wouldn’t want to get married on Hump Day? From providing your guests with some much -needed relaxation as well as myriad puns to spruce up the festivities, why wouldn’t you make your special day a #weddingwednesday?

Thursday, on the other hand, comes with its own set of benefits. First of all, many people are willing to go out and celebrate on a Thursday night to begin with. With the end of the week in sight, you will probably find that your guests are a little more willing to stay late and let their hair down. A Thursday wedding can be a great kickoff of a weekend of excitement and fun. With great options for each day, takeaway is that there is no wrong day to celebrate your love.

Start the weekend with your wedding

Something To Consider

Before jumping on all these good deals, however, it is important to consider and come to terms with some the of the potential drawbacks of having your wedding midweek. One of the largest challenges is your guests. Will they be able to make it if they don’t live close? Will they have to come late or leave early? Although many people now work remotely from home or have nontraditional hours, it might be that some guests won’t have as much flexibility as they would on a weekend. That being said, if they can get some time off, a wedding would be a great excuse for a long weekend!

Get midweek deals on venues & more

Benefits Galore

Beyond the deals you can score on your venue (up to 50% off!), you may also be able to snag great prices on things like hair and makeup, catering, and hotels. In addition, honeymoon costs like flights, resort rooms, and activities may be lower as well. With this added flexibility of wedding day, you can also find a fun or meaningful date to celebrate your anniversary on.  Watch out, because with all the bonuses of a midweek wedding, this trend is sure to become a tradition.

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Get maeeied in Vegas

This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime

Have you ever thought of getting married in Las Vegas? I am sure you have ….everyone has since it is the wedding capital of the world. Las Vegas Wedding Chapels have been portrayed in a certain light over the last decades, and times are constantly changing. The chapels are consistently reinventing themselves. The old-fashioned photos of someone knocking on the door in the middle of the night, with the husband and wife answering in pajamas to marry the happy couple are long gone. We have elegant facilities that are very traditional as well as we have the lighthearted chapels too, with Elvis impersonators and the like.

Elvis Impersonators

Wedding Variety In Vegas

We are the most fun and economical place to get married!!!  This town has opportunities for everyone that range from a walk-up wedding window, a drive-up wedding window, to “sky’s the limit!” We have anything you can image from getting married by helicopter over the Grand Canyon, dressed as your favorite character, get married on a gondola, or even have your nuptials performed while skydiving!

Many chapels in Vegas

The Las Vegas Wedding scenario has expanded from just strip chapels to chapels in the luxurious hotels, golf courses, hotel suites, themed locations, the famous Las Vegas sign, and even at local attractions. Several free-standing chapels have changed their philosophy about just being a number game and want to create a “Vegas experience” to be remembered. They are staying on the cutting edge with implementing webcasting and Skype to interact with the relatives that cannot attend, reception facilities on property with full capabilities of catering an event, and even tux and costume shops for you to rent your attire.

The Banquet and Catering departments of hotels have seen larger groups wanting their “reception” in the banquet facilities, and some of them in their local restaurants.  Again, the cost on this part of the function varies from location to time of the day your event will occur as well as attendance.

Your Vegas wedding experience

Getting Married In Las Vegas

We are seeing larger groups coming to Vegas, while in the past it was smaller groups and a lot of just couples. Two trends are in play.

First, though a great percentage of parties still consists of just the bride and groom, when they inform their family and friends they are going to Vegas, everyone jumps on the bandwagon for the event. We see this, especially with our Southern California travelers. The days of the $25,000 wedding still exists, although you can have a large group attend your wedding, have a fine dining reception with all the trimmings, DJ, flowers, photos, limos etc. with a portion of the cost that includes fun in Las Vegas.

Second, we have also now created the perfect place for the last night of being a single woman or man. Everyone is having Bachelorette or Bachelor parties where attending live shows is not just for men anymore. The women can go to Chippendales or Thunder Down Under for an exotic male revue or enjoy a Stripper 101 class, while there are numerous adult entertainment locations for the men. Again, the cost is not prohibitive.

Happily ever after starts in Vegas

“Vegas, Baby” – Live Your Dream

The best part is that you can start in Vegas with your Bachelor/Bachelorette party, and then your wedding, and the honeymoon, while all your guests have shared the most important day in your life and are having a vacation for them….  All at a fraction of the cost that other destination weddings cannot offer.  “Vegas Baby”… We can bring your vision to reality.

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