Wedding Trends You Need to Know About for 2024

Entering 2024, couples in the midst of wedding planning may be interested in incorporating the latest trends into their big day. The great news? You can stay on trend without breaking the bank. In this ever-evolving landscape of wedding styles, we’re witnessing a blend of changing tastes, modern styles, and tech innovations. Couples are weaving their unique personalities into every aspect of their special day, creating celebrations as unique as their love stories. Let’s explore the trends set to shape weddings in 2024.

Bud Vases: Small Blooms, Big Impact

This year, practicality meets elegance with the budget-friendly trend of incorporating bud vases into wedding decor. These unassuming vessels, filled with delicate blooms, are gracing tables, providing a touch of romance without breaking the bank. Bud vases are the savvy choice for couples looking to save on floral expenses while maintaining a stylish and sophisticated ambiance that complements any wedding style, be it rustic or modern chic. Bonus – these floral arrangements can be done elegantly and beautifully by a novice, so consider finding these cute vases at a vintage or resale shop or through Facebook marketplace and purchase blooms wholesale and ask a friend to arrange them.

Honeymoon Registries: Creating Memories Beyond the Big Day

In 2024, honeymoon registries like Honeyfund, are becoming a hit for couples looking to prioritize and fund their honeymoon. Honeyfund easily blends with traditional registries, allowing couples to include experiences like romantic dinners or exciting adventures in their wishlist. The cool part? Guests can choose to contribute to these memorable experiences, giving you something more personal than a new set of sheets.  As couples lean towards more experiential gifts, honeymoon registries offer a great balance, creating memories that go beyond the wedding day. 

Bows: Classic Charm Making a Comeback

Bows are making a comeback in 2024, and you’ve likely spotted them around recently – from simple touches in hairstyles to holiday decorations. This classic embellishment is redefining wedding fashion and decor, with oversized bows gracing ceremony arches and adding a sweet touch to bridal gowns and groomsmen’s attire. Beyond their traditional role in gift wrapping, bows are now becoming a symbol of the couple tying the knot, bringing a timeless and charming element to the wedding scene.

Interactive Seating Charts: Say Goodbye to Paper, Hello to Fun

Traditional seating charts are taking a back seat this year as couples embrace technology and experiences  to make things interactive. From fortune cookies or personalized letters you open upon arrival, to champagne windows, couples are injecting some fun into the process.


Blue: A Splash of Something Blue for 2024

This year, Minted and unveiled Marseille Bleu as the go-to color for weddings. Beyond that specific shade, couples are splashing blues, from navy to sky blue,  across their palettes. Blue isn’t just a color; it’s a symbol of trust, loyalty, and depth, making it the perfect choice for couples who want to infuse their celebration with meaning.

Smaller Guest Lists and Budgets: Quality over Quantity

In 2024, the wedding scene is all about quality over quantity. Couples are choosing smaller guest lists, creating more intimate ceremonies that shine a spotlight on their unique love story. Every guest becomes an essential part of the celebration, fostering meaningful connections.

According to “The Wedding Report,” this trend is reflected in the numbers, with a 16% decrease in guest counts and a 17% reduction in wedding budgets. Smaller gatherings not only align with practical budget considerations but also contribute to a more personal and engaging atmosphere. In 2024, couples are embracing the beauty of simplicity, creating weddings that are not just financially sensible but also deeply significant and memorable.

Wedding Photo Sharing: Snap, Share, and Celebrate Together

In today’s social media era, sharing wedding photos is a must. Couples are making it easy by using apps and QR codes to encourage guests to share their snapshots online. It’s not just about capturing the moment; it’s about creating a shared experience that everyone can be part of.

Meaningful Favors: Are All About The Guests

In 2024, wedding favors are taking on a more meaningful twist that puts an emphasis on the guests rather than just the couple. Couples are opting for gifts that align with their values and interests, such as watercolor portraits or couple photos of the guests. They’re steering clear of favors with the couple’s names or wedding date, leaning towards items that are consumable or practical – something guests will genuinely use for years to come. This thoughtful upgrade is a small yet impactful expression of gratitude, leaving a lasting impression on guests and making the gesture more memorable.

Content Creation: Documenting the Love Story

In 2024, couples are becoming storytellers, documenting their wedding day by hiring a day-of content creator to take over their phones. They’re capturing behind-the-scenes footage and narrating their love story in unique and innovative ways. This approach gives couples instant access to the day’s footage without delay, allowing them to relive and share their special moments effortlessly.

Simple Bouquets: Less is More

When it comes to bridal bouquets, less is definitely more in 2024. Brides are opting for simple arrangements that showcase the natural beauty of the blooms. Loose, hand-tied bouquets with a touch of greenery are stealing the spotlight, adding a dash of organic elegance to the overall wedding vibe.

Drivable Honeymoons: Local Love

In 2024, honeymoon plans are taking a turn towards local exploration rather than far-off destinations. Newlyweds are favoring drivable honeymoons to uncover hidden gems nearby. Interestingly, in 2023, driving fun emerged as the top item registered on Honeyfund, signaling a trend towards more accessible and enjoyable travel experiences. Notably, contributions towards home down payments, which topped the list in 2022, dropped out of the top 10 for couples getting married in 2023. Instead, there’s a clear preference for prioritizing honeymoon funds over home funds. Couples seem to be opting for minimoons closer to home, potentially saving up for a larger international trip later in the year.

In 2024, weddings are a beautiful blend of tradition and contemporary flair. From intimate ceremonies to honeymoon registries, to thoughtful details like bud vases and bows, couples are crafting celebrations that resonate with their unique love stories. 


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