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Formal wear for menThis entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

For the longest time, all the attention at weddings has been pointed at the bride! Of course, in many ways, she is the star of the wedding, but what about our stylish guys? It’s time to dazzle on your big day and share the attention with your beautiful bride while wearing your perfect wedding outfit. However, if you’re not 100% familiar with suits, here’s a little guide that will show you all the most popular trends.

A Guide To The Best Wedding Outfits for Men

Morning formal wear

Evening or Morning Suit

Let’s start from the most formal look—the evening or morning tail suit or tailcoat. This is something you can see in movies or royal weddings (check out Beckham at Meghan’s and Harry’s big day). The most formal option, when it comes to this look, consists of a black tailcoat that fits snugly, black trousers, white shirt, bow tie, waistcoat and leather shoes. So, if you’re planning a very British-inspired, classy and formal affair, why not go all-in with an evening tailcoat?

Groom's wedding tux


This is a truly timeless look that’s here to stay. A classic and classy tuxedo will definitely bring an element of formal air to your wedding. Keep it black with a black bow tie if you want to go very traditional or choose a navy blue fabric with black satin trim for something more modern and unexpected.

3-piece wedding suit

Standard Three-Piece

While this is not the most formal option, it’s definitely the most beloved today (it’s one of Tom Hardy’s fave looks). It’s a great choice of a first suit and it fits most men very well. It’s also versatile, smart and flattering to your proportions. This is a type of suit with a jacket and pants that are just the right size and the fit that’s not too tight or too loose. A good professional will be able to find a sweet spot for you and make you look lean and handsome. Another reason why many guys opt for a three-piece suit is the waistcoat that leaves a smart vibe even when you decide to take your jacket off. It also prevents your shirt from coming out of your pants, which is one less thing to think about during your big day!

Men's 2-piece suit

Laid-Back Two-Piece

Another beloved wedding look for men is a classic two-piece. This is a very modern look many men aim for, from New York to Sydney. This type of suit is perfect for all kinds of events, from formal affairs to laid-back beach weddings, thanks to its flexibility and versatility. It fits well to all figures, especially if you find a good tailor. There are experts in wedding suits in Sydney who will get you fitted for your suit and create a completely customized look for your big day. Custom-made two-piece (or any suit actually) always looks best and makes the groom feel comfortable and handsome. Another great thing about two-piece suits is that they allow you to be playful and bold. You can go from light pastels and bright colors to off-whites—you have the world of options in front of you!

Suit for beach wedding

Beach-Wedding Style Suits

If you’re planning a very relaxed and informal affair, you’ll love this style. These linen suits are perfect for beach weddings because of their light colors, comfort and the fact they look great without a tie. If that’s not chill enough for you, you can try this trend: Shirt, a fun bow-tie and a pair of adjustable suspenders! This look is perfect for fun-loving men that don’t take themselves too seriously, but still want to look amazing! Even though weddings are important, you don’t have to sacrifice your relaxed fashion sense in order to be stylish.

So, guys, no matter what kind of a wedding you’re planning, you can always look your best in a great suit. Pick your style, see a tailor and your wedding will really be the best day of your life!

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The marble themed weddingThis entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

The marbleing effect is one of the hottest wedding trends of the moment. Think minimalist, clean lines with subtle colour palettes, and you’ve got it. Marbling is an ideal way to add texture to your theme and works incredibly well with greys, light pinks, crisp white, and greenery for a really modern touch to your wedding décor.

Remember those fun oil marbling effect paintings most of us did in school? Well, keep that in mind when it comes to marbling embellishments and why not expand the colour palettes to include anything from pastels, to brights and bolds? you don’t have to stick to the rule book when it comes to this trend.  Indeed, marbling doesn’t have to be confined to muted tones of grey.

Here are some ideas for incorporating the marbling effect into your wedding planning.

Marbling Effect Wedding Trends You Can Use

Marbled stationary

Stationary and Signage That Popa

Marbling works so well for invites and save the dates, so have a look at the designs that are out there. A marbled menu on each place setting will also add visual texture to your tables. Why not think about having some strategic signage throughout the day too? And they don’t have to be made out of marble, a regular card printed with marbling effect will work just as well.

Guest book

Finishing Touches

Think marbled table runners, dishes or napkins. Why not use some marbled ribbon wound around candles or lanterns, or why not just go for a few marbled accents such as balloons or aisle runners? Or instead of the traditional guest book, why not get a customised piece of marble for guests to sign? It can become a bespoke piece of art for your home afterwards.

Marbled cake pops & favors

Cake pops or cookies covered in swirls of chocolate will look stunning or why not get creative and make some homemade soap with marbling effect? Marble coasters with guest’s names can easily double as favours and escort cards and they don’t have to be made out of real marble either a regular card with a marble effect printed on it will look just as good. Or what about regular place cards sitting in marble stones?

Subtle marbling on cake

Cakes With Marbling Effect

Your wedding cake is a great way to channel your theme and marbling is one of the hottest cake trends of recent times and it’s not hard to see why. From greys, to pinks and beyond, using marbling turns your wedding cake into a beautiful piece of art you almost won’t want to cut it will look so good,

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