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If your honeymoon plan includes camping, hiking, biking or other outdoor activities, here is what you need to know about planning an outdoor honeymoon.


Gear could make or break your experience. You want to make sure you have all the gear you need. Create a list of the activities you plan on doing, and what the weather will be like during your adventures, to figure out exactly what you will need. Try not to skimp when it comes to gear. You don’t want to chance something breaking or not working correctly.

Thankfully our partners at REI have all the gear you will need for any and all outdoor activities. We highly recommend their top-rated gear, which you can register for on their new registry option. Plus, you can link your REI registry to your honeyfund so guests can help with the costs associated with the gear.

Here’s a list of the Top 10 Items couples register for when it comes to gear and some great packing lists if you’re not sure what you’ll need.


When it comes to doing outdoor activities, you want to pick the right location and the best season for your activities. Research where you plan to go and double check that what you have in mind is possible in that location as you may be limited for different activities (mountains to hike, trails to cycle on, campgrounds, etc). Being outdoors exposes you to the elements so it may not be the best idea to camp in Colorado during the winter. Make sure that the weather of the location for the time you are expecting to go matches with what you have planned.

Checking your experience level is also extremely important. You don’t want to end up realizing halfway through your hike that the terrain is getting harder and you’re not prepared or have the experience to get to the top. Stay within your comfort zone when it comes to your honeymoon.


If you’re looking to partake in a few different activities during your stay, you’ll want to write it all out prior to your bookings. This will help you identify which activities you can fit in during your stay and which ones you can do without. Plus, knowing what accommodations are available is key to planning an outdoor honeymoon.


Our partners at REI can help you with location, timing, itinerary and staying within your experience level with their REI Adventures. With trips for all experience levels, a wide variety of activities and many locations, you’re bound to find something that sparks your interest. It takes the hassle out of planning and we highly recommend it!


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new york city ihg

Honeymooning in New York City is perfect for the couple who wants to fill every moment of their itinerary. It includes a never-ending list of activities, places to see and food to taste. With the hustle and bustle of city life, it’s sure to be a fast-paced vacation, but one you’ll never forget.

You Won’t Be Bored, We Promise

New York City is home to some of the most infamous locations in the world. Take the ferry to Ellis Island and climb the Statue of Liberty. Stroll through Central Park where you can visit the Central Park Zoo, rent bikes, watch concerts and other performances or take it as leisurely as you want. Catch a baseball game at Yankee Stadium if you’re into sports. Visit historic Coney Island to ride the wooden cyclone roller coaster.

Experience the Culture 

With its famous museums, galleries and theaters — immerse yourself into the historic and cultural experiences that New York City has to offer. Find inspiration at the Museum of Modern Art. Book a front-row seat at the world-famous New York City Ballet. See the latest Broadway Play. Feel the power of music at the New York Philharmonic orchestra. Get lost in a neighborhood art of film festival. Whatever you decide to do, you can find inspiration in The Big Apple.

Taste some of the most exquisite meals you can find, for every palate, at any of the restaurants that The Big Apple has to offer. With 5-star cuisine ranging from Italian, to Indian, to French and even the classic American, there won’t ever be a time where you’ll find yourself hungry and searching for a place to eat. 

We Recommend Booking Early

New York City can be pricey if you don’t plan ahead. You can always find deals for activities and tickets to local attractions. But don’t get caught up with the price of your hotel. See more of The Big Apple for less when you take advantage of this exclusive rate that our partner has to offer. Save on your hotel and have more cash to spend on doing and seeing as much as you can in the city.


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