Good news! I was wrong about your guests having to create
an account to make credit card payments.
(It happens from time to time. 🙂

It sounded fishy to me so I contacted PayPal and there is a
setting to make creating an account optional. Some of you had it turned on and some turned off. I had been looking at a couple’s registry that had it turned off (which it probably is by default because PP can be sneaky!)

Here’s what you need to do:

Login to your PayPal account, click the My Accounts Tab > Profile > Website Payment Preferences (Or use this link to go directly to that page.)

Scroll down to where it says “PayPal Account Optional”

Make sure that is ON. This way your guests will NOT have to create a
PayPal account. They will have the option to but not be required.


We’re still considering building our own payment system because that would just be easier for your guests than PayPal. We’d love to hear how important this is to you— would you be willing to pay a transaction fee that is 1-3% higher than PayPal’s transaction fee if we accepted credit cards on our site?


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