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First of all, I’m so extremely excited that you’ve found this article. To me, that means you’re interested in protecting this beautiful planet – something that I’m particularly passionate about! As an event producer, I see firsthand just how wasteful the wedding and event industry can be.

It’s important to me to take steps, on a daily basis, to make events as sustainable as they can be. Below is a list of 10 steps you can (easily!) take to make your wedding more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Implementing even just a few can make a big difference. Mother earth thanks you in advance!

10 Steps Toward An Environmentally-Friendly Wedding

Upcycle that dress

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My girl, Miss Tashina, is incredibly skilled at taking a vintage wedding gown (maybe your mom’s or your auntie’s!) and giving them new life. She’s start with a gown that’s decades old and creates modern masterpieces that suit each individual bride perfectly! I have no doubt that there are skilled gown designers in every major city who can create the perfect gown for you.

Enjoy local foods

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Your caterer shouldn’t be shocked or thrown off by a request for local ingredients. In fact, I’m sure they’d jump at the opportunity if it isn’t already part of their regular practice. Not only does creating a locally sourced menu ensure that you’ll get the freshest ingredients, but you’ll also ensure that fewer planes, trains and automobiles were used to bring the food to your beautiful event

Use local flowers

Photo by Emily Magers, @emily.magers


I know you LOVE peonies (who doesn’t??!) but, if you’re getting married in November, skip them. The environmental footprint left from shipping them across the globe during the “off season” isn’t worth it. You can undoubtedly find beautiful, locally grown flowers wherever you’re getting married!

And, if local flowers aren’t plentiful, opt for something like succulents or whatever naturally exists in your wedding locale (geodes, herbs, wheat, fruit, vegetables, etc.!). Have fun while stepping out of your comfort zone and taking advantage of the beauty that exists across the globe.

Drink local

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Ask your bartending or catering service to source local ingredients for fresh mixers and garnishes! Stocking the bar with local beer and wine is also a great way to create a wonderfully sustainable event.

Reuse wedding decor

Photo by Emily Magers, @emily.magers


We encourage our clients to use our large stash of decor items for their wedding (like this donut wall!) rather than purchasing new items or making something new. If you don’t have access to a wedding planner with a stash of décor, try Craigslist! Brides are constantly looking to get rid of the items they only used once for their wedding day.


Photo by Logan Swayze, @loganswayzephoto


Ecotourism is defined as “tourism directed toward exotic, often threatened, natural environments, especially to support conservation efforts and observe wildlife”. Costa Rica leads the way in ecotourism and has an abundance of protected land to explore while honeymooning. Other great ecotourism destinations include Norway, Keny, the Galapagos Islands, Antartica, and Brazil, just to name a few.


Consider hiring a service like Green Canvas to ensure every bit of waste from your event is sorted, recycled and disposed of properly. Environmentally responsible caterers, like Contemporary Catering, make using a service like this a priority on their events. Every little bit helps, y’all!

Find a beautiful location

Photo by Hannah Arista, @hannaharista


Try choosing a location for your wedding with natural beauty in order to keep decor to a minimum, all while embracing the best of what this planet has to offer.


Encourage guests to carpool to your wedding and/or rideshare through Lyft! A great place to note this option is your wedding website or you’re an inset sent with your wedding invitation (or a note on your electronic invitation if you’re attempting to save paper!). Also consider carpooling to meetings with family or your wedding planner. It leads to extra productive car time!


Consider registering for gift cards or experiences instead of gifts that will be shipped in excessive packaging and gift wrap. Keep it simple!

Thank you for doing what you can to make weddings and events more environmentally friendly! We can all do something to make the wedding industry better and I think this is a great place to start.

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