Websites That Will Save Money on Your Dream Honeymoon

Planning a honeymoon is an exciting time for any newlywed couple. It’s a chance to unwind, relax, and celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in your lives together. However, the costs associated with a honeymoon can quickly add up, leaving many couples feeling overwhelmed and stressed. We’ve made a list of some of our favorite websites that are dedicated to helping you save money on your dream honeymoon. From finding discounted hotel rooms to booking affordable activities, these platforms have got you covered! 

Best Websites For Finding Deals on Accommodations


If you’re interested in maximizing credit card rewards and travel points, ThePointsGuy is a valuable resource. This website offers expert advice on earning and redeeming points for free flights, hotel stays, and other travel perks, helping you stretch your honeymoon budget even further. is a trusted platform for booking accommodations worldwide, offering a wide range of options to suit every budget. With their “Genius” loyalty program and frequent discounts, you can save money on your honeymoon accommodations while enjoying perks like free breakfast and room upgrades.

Hotel Tonight

Need a last-minute hotel room at a discounted rate? Hotel Tonight has got you covered. This app specializes in offering great deals on hotel accommodations, perfect for spontaneous honeymoon getaways or for those who prefer to wait for the best deals.

Luxury Escapes 

Contrary to its name, Luxury Escapes  offers luxury travel experiences at great prices. Whether you’re dreaming of a lavish resort stay or a private villa retreat, this website provides exclusive deals on high-end accommodations, allowing you to indulge in luxury without the hefty price tag.


Accommodation costs can quickly eat into your honeymoon budget, but HomeExchange offers a solution. This platform allows you to swap homes with other travelers, providing a unique and cost-effective lodging option. Enjoy the comforts of home while exploring a new destination together.

Best Websites to Save You Money on Flights & Travel

Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy is your go-to destination for finding the cheapest gas prices in your area. With real-time updates from millions of users, this app helps you save money every time you fill up your tank. You’ll want this app on hand if you’re road-tripping for your honeymoon to ensure that you never overpay for gas.


Skiplagged is a powerful tool for finding cheap flights, including hidden city fares that traditional booking sites often overlook. By utilizing this platform, you could potentially save hundreds on your airfare, leaving you with more money to splurge on romantic dinners or adventurous excursions.


Hopper uses data analytics to predict when flight prices will be at their lowest, allowing you to book your flights with confidence. Additionally, it offers insights into the best times to travel, helping you optimize your honeymoon dates for maximum savings.


CheapAir specializes in finding affordable airfare options, including exclusive deals and discounts. With their user-friendly interface and flexible search options, you can easily compare prices and snag the best deals for your honeymoon flights.


Expedia is a one-stop shop for all your travel needs, offering discounts on flights, hotels, rental cars, and vacation packages. With their extensive network of partners, you can find budget-friendly options for every aspect of your honeymoon itinerary.

Best Websites to Save You Money on Activities and Experiences 


Honeyfund revolutionizes the traditional wedding registry by allowing couples to register for their dream honeymoon experiences. Instead of receiving physical gifts, guests can contribute towards specific aspects of your trip, such as airfare, accommodations, or activities.


Want to book unforgettable experiences at your honeymoon destination without breaking the bank? Viator offers a wide range of tours, activities, and attractions at discounted prices. Whether you’re interested in a romantic sunset cruise or a thrilling adventure excursion, Viator has something for every couple.


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