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Bespoke wedding gownsBespoke wedding gowns
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Reclamation creates bespoke, magical, free-spirited and romantic dresses for hand-made joy in any size. (They also offer rental!) Reclamation honors the history, love and care embedded in vintage and antique lace through a creative process that honors you. The pieces are one-of-a-kind, made with artfully reclaimed and vintage materials. Reclamation is like no other brand of dresses out there, establishing relationships with those they design for and caring about them as individuals. "Reclamation begins with you." Every year billions of pounds of textile waste is sent to landfills around the world contributing to global warming by releasing harmful methane gas into the environment. Every fiber has beauty, every tiny repurposed button and piece of vintage lace is part of the process of reclamation. You can do your part in helping to preserve the beauty of our Earth by purchasing one-of-a-kind clothing made from repurposed, organic, vintage and ethical materials. Reclamation's clothing is handmade with pride on Salt Spring Island.


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