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Minneapolis Minnesota Bridal ShopMinneapolis Minnesota Bridal Shop

Flutter Bridal Co

Flutter Bridal Co. does bridal YOUR way. After opening in 2006, this bridal shop caters to folks ready to think outside the box and set their own trends. They support the chic, difference, independent, weird, modern, quirky—and, yes, even the traditional. This proudly LGBTQ+-owned business is chill and laid back, with a mission to keep it real. They call it "down-to-earth luxury." Their cool collection of bridal gowns is available at moderate price point, and their team is always open and honest. ("We have your backs. Trust us, we know our shit," they say on their website.) If you're an ethereal badass, modern romantic, or glamourous goddess, try Flutter Bridal Co for bridal alternatives to the mainstream. All are welcome at this boutique!


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43 Southeast Main Street, Minneapolis, MN 55414, USA
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Sara Margulis

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