Hello Honeyfunders!

I’ts been quiet here on the blog as we’ve been working hard on a some exciting improvements to the site. (You should see those roll out this fall. ) We also recently moved, whew!

However we did want to let you about our latest charitible donation to the Open Content Alliance. This alliance is building a digital archive of international, multilingual content (books, information, multimedia, etc.) for free access via the internet.  Their goal is to offer broad public access to world culture. Since we’re all about FREE and culture, we thought it was a great cause!

As a reminder, each quarter Honeyfund.com totals the income we receive from couples who donate to keep this site up and running. We then pass 10 percent of that amount on to charity.

For the quarter ending June 30, we donated $180. Thanks for helping us support the Open Content Alliance!


Sara and Josh

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Hi Honeyfunders,

Great news! We’ve raised $50 for charity since we launched Honeyfund’s donation program in late February. This quarter Honeyfund will pass the $50 on to RAINN, the Rape and Incest National Network. This group has a 5-star rating from Charity Navigator. They operate the National Sexual Assault Hotline.

As a reminder, each quarter we total your donations to Honeyfund and donate 10% off the top to charity.

Thanks for helping Honeyfund make a positive difference for those less fortunate!

-Sara & Josh

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