Wedding party photo boothThis entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

Here at Donal Doherty Photography, we kicked the year off to a fantastic start with an announcement… we introduced our BRAND NEW Roxbury Photo Booth, which is already proving a hit with brides and grooms, and booking up fast!

Why Hire A Photo Booth For Your Wedding

Undecided about hiring a photo booth for your wedding? Here are just a few of the many reasons why a photo booth makes a fab addition to your wedding reception…

Do something different with a photo booth

Dare to do something different

Every year over 8,000 weddings take place in Northern Ireland and while your guests won’t attend them all (obviously), they’ll probably attend quite a few. A lot of these weddings will have many things in common… there will be cake and dancing, but what they won’t all have, is a Roxbury Photo Booth (which is a shame, really!).

Unrivalled entertainment

With a wealth of never-before-seen props and simply fabulous backdrops, (hello, gold sequins!) stand back, watch, and prepare to be amazed as guests make a bolt for the photo booth at your wedding reception. Photo booths offer hours of unrivalled entertainment and we’re always so amazed to see people coming back time and time again, proving Roxbury is anything but boring. Hearing your guests laugh is definitely one of the best thrills achieved, and it’s good clean fun for all ages.

Get in on the action with a phone booth

Get in on the action

A photo booth is a fantastic way to socialise with your guests and make them really feel like a part of your wedding as you capture great memories together and spend time with your fellow party guests. Plus, while we’re not ones to dish sugared almonds, your guests will definitely thank you for providing a welcome alternative to the norm, with their personalised print serving as a constant reminder of your special day.

Get guests talking

Let’s face it… it can be a little awkward if not everyone knows each other, but a photo booth is the perfect ice breaker for getting conversation flowing and guests interacting with each other. It’s exciting to see a wedding party in full flow with everyone chatting and enjoying themselves and a photo booth definitely provides that thrill!

A favourite favour

While we’re not ones to dish sugar almonds, your guests will definitely welcome an alternative to the norm, and their personalised print will do just that.

Professional photos from your photo booth

Professional standard photographs

Just because it’s a photo booth doesn’t mean we’re going to skimp on quality. All the way from America, our Roxbury photo booth is one of the best in the business, so expect high quality, professional prints from your time in the booth! Plus, they can be shared on social media and can even be turned into animated gifs. Fancy!

The perfect reminder

Your prints can be collated to create a beautiful album of prints, to serve as a perfect reminder of just how much your guests enjoyed your wedding. Plus, these instant photos will keep you amused while you wait on your wedding album.

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Hire a photo booth for your wedding

Bio: Donal Doherty previously spent many years working on marketing and PR for some of the world’s leading super brands such as Walkers, Supersavers and Matalan to name but a few. Shortlisted as Entrepreneur of the Year in 2009, twice as Outstanding Young Communicator by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), and as Business Man of the Year in 2014, he went on to start-up his own consultancy, helping businesses to communicate with their stakeholders and to grow market share.

Five years ago Donal followed his passion for photography and has since positioned himself as one of the leading wedding photographers in the UK and Ireland. His brand is known for excellence, and using his experience in driving business forward he is now in demand for commissions on a global level. He has travelled as far as Australia, Mexico, and across Europe for weddings. His work is regularly featured in leading bridal magazines such as Getting Married NI, Ulster Bride, Local Brides NI and Wedding Journal Magazine. In addition to his recent awards for customer experience,

 He has a strong interest in helping other creatives and does so through Engage Live. Donal writes a regular column in Photo Professional Magazine and has recently released his best selling book, ‘Engage! Social Media Marketing for Photographers,’ A regular speaker at the SWPP Convention in London, Donal tours the UK with Photovision Roadshows and the world with workshops to help photographers to create a business and life they love.

 Learn more about Donal Doherty here and Roxbury Booth

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When Christopher Columbus named the Virgin Islands after Saint Ursula and the 11,000 Virgins, could he have ever known it would become one of the world’s most romantic destinations for lovers?

Today, despite any potential misnomer, the Virgin Islands ‘virtues’ are still whole-heartedly intact. Indeed, honeymooners flock to the islands year-round. Gorgeous turquoise waters welcome adventurous couples to closely encounter its sea life, from sharks to sea turtles and beyond. To help you dive into the fun that awaits, our friends at the brand-new tour and excursion site, GoBe, have curated these four wet and wild experiences to help you relish your Virgin Islands honeymoon and create memories to last a lifetime.

1. Sea Lion Swim: Get in the water – it’s playtime! Dance, swim, pet, and play with a South American sea lion in a private pool, and leave with the perfect photo-op: a sea lion planting a fat one on your cheek!


Learn More HERE: Sea Lions!

2. Sea Turtle Experience: Cozy up to some ancient-looking 150-pound Green Sea Turtles in a private lagoon, and learn about these fun creatures. Did you know during nesting season the female will return back to the same beach where she was born? Yup. She will find the exact beach, even after 30 years of absence!


Learn More HERE: Sea Turtles!

3. Shark Encounter: Dive into a pool designed to simulate a tropical reef and watch sharks swim and interact. You’ll even get to pet a baby shark – aaaw! Plus, see marine life at the Marine Gardens –21 jewel tanks that are home to eels, rockfish, and scorpion fish. Don’t worry—there are no fearsome man-eaters in the Shark Shallows. Just some docile baby sharks that want to say “hello.”


Learn More HERE: Shark Encounters!

4. Sea Floor Walk: Have you ever strolled along the bottom of the sea? Put on your undersea walking helmet and head to the bottom. There you’ll meet the dwellers of the deep. On the trail, you’ll see colorful fish and sea creatures dart around as you find out what life is like at this coral reef. Wave to your friends and family members through the glass and have your picture taken to commemorate your time in this blue kingdom…now that’s an Instagram photo worth the price of the honeymoon!


Learn More HERE: Sea Floor Walk

Want to book your honeymoon to the Caribbean? Check out GoBe’s 145 tailored travel experiences, activities and tours throughout the islands.

And, don’t forget to enter to win a $1,000 GoBe Gift Certificate HERE!

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