In part four of our series exploring the Galápagos Islands for your Adventure-moon, you won’t believe what we’ve learned about the exotic wildlife there!

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Thanks to a lack of natural predators on the islands, you can get up close and personal with a variety of friendly wildlife — from playful sea lions to waved albatross birds. Albatrosses mate for life, which makes their mating dance an amazing site to see!

Their life-long commitment comes through in this dance – it’s how they choose their one and only for life! The courtship ritual is a very elusive and spectacular sight, which makes it a special experience to behold on your adventure-moon.

See the Video of Albatrosses from Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic:

There may even be some drama!

Sometimes more aggressive males end up chasing off rivals who try to step in and interfere in the dance. Both the sounds and movements can be a bit comical at times.

And the adventures don’t stop. You can get cozy with a cocktail, view the underwater wildlife, take a kayak ride for two to experience eye-level encounters with the wildlife, head off on a scenic, sunset cruise on the Zodiac landing craft, or stand-up paddleboard side-by-side as you float through the unspoiled, azure ocean.

Oh, and animals pose for their portraits (sea lions are beyond camera-worthy adorable!) or simply allow you to get close enough to make amazing images… literally non-stop. And, there’s even a Lindblad-National Geographic certified photo instructor aboard each expedition ship – these pros will help you go home with GREAT photos!

Experiencing the mesmerizing beauty of the Galápagos Islands and all it has to offer is guaranteed to create a lasting memory that will stick with you and your partner for years (and anniversaries!) to come.

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Best time to see these mating rituals: April-December

More Adventure-moon-worthy Destinations!

If your idea of an Adventure-moon takes place in another part of the globe, see where Lindblad Expeditions–National Geographic is sailing the month of your wedding!

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Happy Adventure-mooning!

*Book by October 31, 2016 and receive free round-trip airfare from Miami to Galápagos on any departure in 2017, exclusively for Honeyfund customers. New bookings only, subject to availability.

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Styling your wedding

This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

In the middle of planning the details and double checking each and every logistic, we always love to pause with brides and grooms to talk about their wedding party’s style. Similar to choosing a wedding venue, deciding upon the attire your bridesmaids and groomsmen will wear is largely determined by your wedding’s style, color palette, and overall personality.

In order to achieve a look that you, your love, and your closest family members and friends will love (don’t forget they’re wearing it for the day!), we thought we would offer our best styling tips.

How To Style Your Wedding Party

From flowers to fashion and even formal photos, we are detailing five ways to style your wedding party beyond simply adding accessories below!

Paper Antler

All Neutral:

One of the biggest trends we have been seeing for a while is neutrals. This color palette (or lack thereof!) began as a way to allow tablescapes to have a completely fresh style and simultaneously provide a welcome opportunity to add pops of color. Now the trend has extended into dresses for your ‘maids! Consider opting for ivory gowns because it creates a beautiful look when paired with your ivory or white wedding dress. To keep the palette even more neutral, look to bouquets that solely feature ivory and white blooms paired with greenery. The look is fresh and always chic, plus it can transition into just about any wedding style!

Forged in the North

Mix & Match:

By now, you have either heard of the mismatched bridesmaid dress trend or you have been part of it. We loved the dresses these ‘maids wore because they all featured the same peach color palette and floor length style while still being ever so slightly different. Plus, the maid of honor stood out right away in her floral gown that kept the same length and color palate in mind. Always keep the season and your wedding’s style at the forefront when choosing your dresses. The slight breeze on this wedding day (and the bridesmaids’ joy!) made the dresses look even more appropriate and garden party ready!Leo Patrone Photography

Flower Girls Wear Crowns:

Whether she’s a friend’s daughter or your niece, your flower girl is likely going to be the youngest member of your bridal party. Throughout all of the weddings we have designed and planned, we have learned flower girls fall into one of two categories: really excited or fighting nerves. In order to make her feel more confident (and not have to worry about tossing petals as she walks down the aisle), we love suggesting flower crowns! Flower crowns always a sweet way to add color to your flower girl’s all white look, plus she will feel like a princess. It is also highly likely she will not take her flower crown off at all throughout the night, so she will always stand out.

Emily Wren Photography

Add Props:

Whether it is a classic truck or a whimsical bicycle, look to your venue to add an extra pop to your bridal party photos. As a tip, these photos do not have to feel formal! The bride, bridesmaids, and flower girls rode in a truck to the rustic farm ceremony, so it made perfect sense to feature the vehicle again. We love that this added element offered a nod to the setting, plus it created additional ways for the ladies to naturally stand and lean in ways that made them look and feel completely relaxed. We also have to add how much we adored the bridesmaids looks as a whole! They wore chiffon skirts paired with lace tops, and we loved the differing colors and textures.

Rebecca Yale Photography

Formally Candid:

For this wedding, the bride and groom carefully chose their wedding party’s classically formal looks. The bridesmaids wore neutral floor length gowns, and the groomsmen wore black and white tuxedos. When thinking about their bridal party portraits with their photographer, we all knew we wanted to feature their style but we also wanted to highlight each person’s personality. The team quickly agreed that asking some of the ladies and gents to sit while others stood and surrounded the bride and groom was the best option! The resulting photo is both formal and completely candid, plus we love that we can see the gorgeously colorful bouquets even more in this setup. Tip: make sure you have beautiful chairs on hand because they do play a role! Chiavari chairs are always a great option.

Tell us, where are you getting married, and how is your venue inspiring your bridal party’s style? Make sure to leave a comment below.

And when planning your honeymoon, make your dreams a reality with a honeymoon registry from Honeyfund.

About The Styled Bride: The Styled Bride specializes in working with engaged couples to explore and find their wedding aesthetic while they collaborate with our Wedding Director to make sure all of the moving parts are taken care of. Whether you are the first to get married or have watched friends walk down the aisle before you, planning a wedding is time consuming and sometimes stressful.  We believe having someone help you isn’t a luxury; it just makes sense.

Wedding planning and styling is who we are. We are your biggest advocate while we help you enjoy the process along the way. We allow you to relax as we handle all the details. While we will present and guide you with innovative options for your event from the start, always remember that the final decision will be yours. Visit The Styled Bride today.

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