Your Vermont Honeymoon

Couples who love to ski and hike—or who enjoy cozy B&Bs—may flock to the beautiful state of Vermont. Nature-lovers can take advantage of mountains, scenic byways, and charming accommodations during your Vermont honeymoon. It’s the perfect domestic getaway for US residents who don’t want to stray too far from the country for budget, time or cultural reasons. Vermont offers plenty of activities and spectacular scenery during all four seasons. Your wonderful honeymoon memories will last a lifetime after your in-person experiences in Vermont have passed by.

Montpelier, Vermont

Montpelier, Vermont

Geography You’ll Encounter During your Vermont Honeymoon

Vermont is on the east coast of the United States, in the New England area. This landlocked state is east of New York, west of New Hampshire, north of Massachusetts and south of Canada. Its capital is Montpelier, which is the least populated US capital. (It also happens to be in the second least-populated state.) Other well-known cities include Burlington, Essex, Brattleboro and Stowe.

76% of its landscape is forests and mountains. The Green Mountains are notable, as are the Taconic Mountains. The western border with New York is partially formed by Lake Champlain. The eastern edge is formed by the Connecticut River.

The state is generally broken down into three geographic regions: northern, central and southern Vermont.

Mt Mansfield, Underhill, Vermont

Mt. Mansfield, Underhill, Vermont

Time Zone, Currency and Language in Vermont

Vermont is in the Eastern Standard Time Zone and observes Daylight Standard Time. If it’s 3 pm in Vermont, it’s 2 pm in Houston, Texas or 12 pm in Los Angeles, California.

It’s an English-speaking area that uses the US dollar, of course, and credit cards are widely accepted everywhere.

Burlington Breakwater South Lighthouse, Burlington, Vermont

Burlington Breakwater South Lighthouse, Burlington, Vermont

Vermont Weather and Best Time to Visit

Vermont is in the northern United States and experiences all four changing seasons. It’s the seventh coldest state in the country. Its northern areas often experience colder temperatures than the southern part of Vermont, and elevation also impacts how chilly it feels at any given time. 

Summer months are mild, but July and August are the hottest months of the year, with average temperatures between 70 to 80°F. The coldest month is typically January when temperatures dip well below freezing (even into the negative degrees, like -10°F) and conditions can be icy. There is also much less daylight from December to February. If you wish to visit during winter, perhaps aim for November or March when temperatures are still frigid but a bit more bearable. The sun also shines for longer then than in December through February.

Average temperatures during the leaf-peeping season in mid-September and mid-October are between 65 to 70°F and 55 to 60°F, respectively. During this time, views of the deciduous trees are truly incredible in the region, with a gorgeous array of reds, golds, oranges, and rich browns.

Lost Trail, Lake Carmi, Vermont

Lost Trail, Lake Carmi, Vermont

LGBTQ+ Community in Vermont

Vermont is a progressive state that supports the LGBTQ+ community. Many organizations and resources in the state uplift the community—including Outright Vermont, Pride Center of Vermont, and the LGBTQIA Alliance of Vermont.

Vermont was a leading state in the country to pave the way for gay rights. In 1999, they ruled that same-sex couples were required to receive the same benefits as any other married couple under the Vermont constitution.

LGBTQ+ couples should feel welcomed during their Vermont honeymoon. 

Sunset over Lake Champlain

Getting to Your Vermont Honeymoon Adventure

Couples have several options to get to the state for their post-wedding getaway. Trains, buses, highways and flights allow you to easily reach the destination. 

You can take a Greyhound bus or Megabus to get there or an Amtrak train. You can even arrive by ferry in warmer months if you’re traveling from northeastern New York across Lake Champlain. The ferry allows cars aboard. Driving to Vermont is another option. 

Regardless of how you arrive, Lyft and taxis operate throughout the entire state—as do various shuttles, depending on the area or resort you’re staying in. For instance, the Killington Express shuttle can take you from the airport to your hotel of choice for a small fee.

Flights to Vermont

Because Vermont is small and is nestled between nearby states, you have a few choices. You can fly to one of Vermont’s airports or, if you plan on renting a car, check flights to a nearby airport Albany International Airport (ALB) in New York. After you arrive, rent a car or book a car or shuttle service to get to your destination in Vermont.

The most major airport within the state, however, is Burlington International Airport, code BTV.

Don’t forget a photo ID if you’re visiting Vermont for purposes of traveling to the airport or perhaps renting a car. You’ll need it if you’re going to check out breweries and distilleries as well.

Here are three sample flight costs from three major US cities during the second week of September, priced per person roundtrip:

  • LAX to BTV: $400 with one stop and between 8 and 9 hours of travel time
  • NYC to BTV: $200 with one and half hours of nonstop flying time
  • IAH (Houston) to BTV: $400 with one stop and approximately 5 and a half hours of travel time


Travelers can visit Vermont without quarantining and without providing a COVID-19 test as of mid-May 2021.

Roxbury State Forest, Northfield, Vermont

Roxbury State Forest, Northfield, Vermont

Things to Do in Vermont

There’s plenty to do here year-round, with additional activities that will be dictated depending on the time of year you visit.

Killington Ski Area, Killington, Vermont

Adventure and Sports

  • Hit the Slopes: The skiing in Vermont is some of the best in the United States, especially if there’s fresh snow. Ski season is typically from mid to late October or November, through May. Three top-rated ski resorts are Killington, Stowe and Jay Peak. Even if you’ve never been skiing, it’s a fun thing to do on a winter or spring vacation. There are plenty of classes to take for varying levels of experience, so you can partake in one of the favorite pastimes of Vermont.
  • Go Rock Climbing: Test your strength as a couple and put your teamwork to the test with a rock climbing experience, indoors or outdoors.
  • Camp Out: If you love to camp and want to stay in the heart of one of Vermont’s beautiful forests, consider a night or two of camping at a state park during your honeymoon. You can sleep in a tent or rent a cabin or cottage. You can even participate in activities like kayaking, hiking or fishing during your getaway.
  • Go Golfing: Golf the greens at one of over 50 golf courses that are part of the Vermont Golf Association.

Vermont foliage

Vermont foliage

Sight-Seeing and Relaxation

  • Drive a Scenic Byway: Vermont is a small state, but its scenic byways are plentiful. Take a drive on a byway ranging from 14 to 400 miles in the area and see the beauty Vermont has to offer from the road. Stop along your journey to take photos and pass through some of the state’s famous wood-covered bridges.
  • See the Fall Leaves: One of the most popular times to visit Vermont is during the fall, when fall foliage peaks. The peak time to “Leaf Peep,” as it’s called, varies slightly from year to year, depending on the weather. Generally speaking, it occurs from mid-September to mid-October, but it will vary based on elevation.
  • Book a Spa Treatment: One of the most relaxing ways to reward yourself during your Vermont honeymoon getaway is to book spa treatments. You can get a couples massage, with two masseuses working their magic while you and your spouse lay hand-in-hand. Or you can book a refreshing facial. Even if you sign up for a spa treatment, be sure to ask if your hotel if they have a whirlpool tub in any of their suites to enjoy. (The more pampering during your Vermont honeymoon, the better!)
Ben and Jerry's Factory, Waterbury, Vermont

Ben and Jerry’s Factory, Waterbury, Vermont

Local Specialties and Events

  • Take a Factory Tour: Many people know that Vermont produces maple syrup, but it produces so much more—from food to products. If you’re looking to gain a deeper understanding of how things are made, consider booking a tour. We recommend a brewery or distillery tour, the Vermont Teddy Bear factory tour, or the Ben & Jerry’s factory tour. (Yes, they are based in Vermont!)
  • See a Show at Weston Playhouse: See a live performance at this theater in the town of the same name if you’re staying in the central or southern part of the state.
  • Attend an Outdoor Event: If you’re visiting during late spring or summer, maximize your enjoyment of the outdoors and attend an outdoor concert or festival.
Woodstock Inn and Resort

Woodstock Inn and Resort

Resorts and Inns to Stay at in Vermont

Vermont is a popular honeymoon destination. Many resorts and hotels offer honeymoon packages, so be sure to ask about them. Additionally, ask about a room with a fireplace if you’re visiting during cold weather months. Or additional amenities and perks, like rooms with their own hot tub or a balcony.

Here are a few notable resorts and hotels to check out for your Vermont honeymoon accommodations:

  • Woodstock Inn and Resort: This idyllic inn and resort is set in the charming town of Woodstock, not far from the New Hampshire border. It’s in Vermont’s central region. Its onsite spa is just steps from the guest rooms. Woodstock Inn and Resort is also home to Kelly Way Gardens, a farm-to-table program. Honeymooners who appreciate fresh, local ingredients will especially enjoy their restaurant.
  • The Pitcher Inn: You’ll be impressed as soon as you drive up to this breathtaking white-painted inn, situated in the Mad River Valley. The inn has a double-balcony on its ground floor and a second floor that screams, “Instagram me.” It’s located in Warren—one of the most charming villages in Vermont—and is within walking distance of the city’s historic area on Main Street.
  • Castle Hill Resort and Spa: This picturesque destination turns your Vermont honeymoon into something out of a fairy tale. The stone-clad mansion is set in the New England countryside, between central and southern Vermont. It’s just 35 minutes from Killington. Be sure to ask about their Anniversary Package.
  • Deerhill Inn: This honeymoon inn overlooks Deerfield Valley, towards the Green Mountains. The quaint, shabby-chic hotel is in the historic village of West Dover. Ask the hotel to help you arrange a romantic carriage ride or fishing trip on the Deerfield River.
  • Rabbit Hill Inn: This romantic bed and breakfast is located in northeastern Vermont, on the New Hampshire border. It’s close to the Connecticut River and offers a honeymoon package. The package pulls out all the stops to maximize romance. You’ll get dinner, a gift of chocolates, roses, sparkling wine, and massages.

Castle Hill Resort and Spa

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