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In the 21st century, technology is a part of nearly every moment of our lives. We use machines to brew our coffee. We use computers to keep track of our work. We use our phones for… well, just about everything! So, it’s only natural that technology is becoming the latest addition to our wedding traditions. Here are a few of our favorite wedding technology trends!

GoPro bouquet

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The GoPro Bouquet

After the big day, many couples lament that all the excitement and all the activities turned their wedding into a hazy blur. They might remember their feelings of the day, but what they actually did? Not so much. Nowadays, couples can avoid this amnesia by documenting every move.

Wearable cameras are becoming smaller by the day, which makes them a great choice for someone that wants to film their wedding without distracting from their duds. A GoPro camera nestled in the bride’s bouquet or pinned to the groom’s lapel will capture every step of the wedding (literally), so the couple can relive those happy memories from their own perspective.

Interactive wedding cake

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Interactive Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes are much more than a tasty dessert. With all the time, skill, and creativity that goes into these frosting-covered beauties, they are bonafide works of art! However, some couples are taking things a step further — turning their edible art into pieces of digital tech.

Thanks to open-source tools like Projection Mapping Central, it’s really easy for the tech-enthusiast couple to create a digital projection of any size or shape (and for just about any surface). The result? Incredible interactive wedding cakes, with fun animations that add life and color to the treat! If your wedding features something like this Cinderella-inspired cake from Disney Fairytale Weddings, your guests will be SERIOUSLY impressed!

Drone wedding

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Drone Photographers

Wedding photographers and videographers have spent years finding ways to get the best, most beautiful images for their clients. And then one day, someone showed up with a drone and changed the game forever! More and more photographers are mounting their cameras on flying robots — and the bird’s-eye views they get are just breathtaking!

With a drone snapping photos or filming a video of your wedding, you can get shots from a wide range of angles (including some wide views that a human-operated camera simply couldn’t get). There are many photographers using this new tech all over the country, so if you want to capture the memories in the latest and greatest way, look for a wedding photographer with a drone in their toolkit.


Projection wedding ring

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Projection Wedding Rings

Your wedding photos are a great way to relive the memories of your special day. You can put them in an album or scrapbook, post them on Facebook and Instagram, even hang them on your wall… but what if you could carry them literally everywhere?

Artist Luke Jerram introduced a new kind of wedding trend when he created the wedding projector ring for his wife. The ring includes miniature slides of their engagement and wedding photos and a small lens on the opposite side; when light passes through the ring, the lens projects photos onto the nearest wall or flat surface! With one of these technological marvels, your wedding memories will always be right there on your left hand.


Wedding website

Project Management for Weddings

Of course, none of this wedding technology would be possible without some way to manage it all. Many couples look to different online wedding planning tools to stay organized with their weddings, from managing their guest list to creating a seating chart. But what if you could manage everything in one place? Thanks to WedSites, you can!

WedSites is an all-in-one wedding project management tool to help you juggle all the moving parts that are at play in your wedding. From building a custom wedding website for your guests to RSVP online, sending out trackable digital Save the Dates, to a whole suite of project management tools for you and your partner collaborate on wedding planning to-dos all in one, easy-to-use website. It will help you keep everything organized so that you can have the beautiful wedding of your dreams — robots and all.


Live streaming

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Live Streaming

Do you have some special guests who can’t physically attend your wedding? Whether it’s your grandparents who can’t make the long trip or friends who live overseas, with live streaming you can virtually invite guests from around the globe to witness your wedding!

With a bit of planning, live streaming and recording your wedding can be done very easily. The most practical option is to record the ceremony on a smartphone using an App like Facebook Live, Periscope, Twitch, or YouTube Live. Nowadays mobile phones are equipped with high resolution recording and stabilization capabilities but, if you want to avoid shaky hands, it may be worth investing in a smartphone tripod to get the job done.

Simply ask one of your friends or family members if they can record the ceremony for you, or if you don’t feel comfortable asking them, don’t be afraid to reach out to your vendors to see if someone can help you out with this task as well.

In Conclusion

It’s no surprise that more couples are using some form of wedding technology as part of their journey. Now more than ever before, couples have access to various tech gadgets, apps, and software platforms to make life easier when it comes to planning and documenting their wedding day!

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