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Have you ever thought about getting married on a cruise ship? The idea of having a wedding aboard ship sounds really romantic and unforgettable. Moreover, that’s the wedding no one will ever forget. no matter if you are a bride, a groom. or a wedding guest. And the good news is that today, many companies offer really cool packages for a wedding of this kind.

Clearly, a wedding on a cruise ship has many advantages comparing to traditional nuptials. However, there are also some shortcomings you must be aware of. That’s why, we are going to list the basic pros and cons of such weddings. Let’s start right now.

What about a cruise ship wedding?5 Reasons to Say Yes to Cruise Ship Weddings

Basically, there are dozens of reasons to opt for such an unusual wedding ceremony, but here are the most basic ones.

Romantic wedding at seaRomantic Venue

Undoubtedly, nothing can be more romantic than tying the knot in the high seas on the background of a picturesque sunset. It’s an unforgettable experience, which you will recollect for the rest of your life with warmness.

All Services in One Place

Cruise ship weddings are usually all-inclusive packages, which include accommodation, food, beverages, entertainment ,and transportation. Some companies even offer wedding bouquets, boutonnieres ,and photography services. And while wedding planners will do all the work for you, keep in mind that your wedding outfits are still your concern.


When we imagine a cruise wedding, many of us think that it’s hardly an option we can afford. Surprisingly enough, such weddings can be even cheaper than the land ones. There are many packages, which offer both simple and luxe options. The minimal cost of such a wedding organization is about $2,000-2,500, but some additional costs are possible. Moreover, depending on the company you choose, you may need to pay for each wedding guest or there are packages, which already include 10-25 guests.

Cruise ship activitiesActivities

As a rule, cruise ships have various activities for you and your guests and so, you won’t get bored neither in the daytime nor in the night. Clearly, some of them may not be free. While being aboard, you may visit a spa center, enjoy water attractions, have dancing classes, play billiards or darts. And in the night, you have a chance to visit a disco, cinema or be a guest at the staff’s show program.

2 in 1: Wedding and Honeymoon

And finally, cruise ship weddings are a great way to combine your nuptials and honeymoon. Your honeymoon starts as soon as your wedding ceremony is over. In such a way, you don’t waste time on transportation from your wedding spot to the place you plan to spend your honeymoon at.

The Main Disadvantages of Cruise Weddings

Now, let’s have a look at the problems you may face while planning a cruise ship wedding.

Space for fewer guests

Restricted Number of Wedding Guests

Cruise weddings involve a smaller number of attendees than their traditional counterparts. The couples usually invite up to 10 guests, which are their closest relatives or friends. Very often, the companies organizing such weddings restrict the wedding guest number to 10-25. However, some companies offer to pay for each guest and so, the fewer guests you have the less you pay.

Unpredictable Weather

The weather can be pretty unpredictable, especially when you are getting married on a cruise ship in the high seas. Be ready that it can be windy or rainy. It’s hard to know what the weather will be like for sure when you plan a wedding several months beforehand. The only precaution you can make is to find out what season is the stormiest in the area where the cruise takes place and avoid having a wedding during that time.

Legal Troubles

You may also face some troubles with legalizing a wedding in a foreign port. In order to be on the safe side, you need to prepare your documents beforehand and find out if some extra paperwork is required.

Other Passengers

You know that cruise ships are pretty big and there are thousands of people aboard, or at least hundreds. That’s why, be ready that your wedding may have some uninvited guests, who will feel curious to have a look at your romantic ceremony. Moreover, there is always a chance that you will be not the only newlyweds on the ship.

Limited food selectionOther Restrictions

Clearly, there are some more problems you may face while organizing a ship wedding. As you delegate the wedding organization duties to a wedding planner offered by the company where you buy your cruise wedding package, that person will choose the decorations, food, and other supplies for your special day. So, if you want to have a wedding in a certain theme, it’s not likely that the company will deal with it. However, some companies may do that if you pay extra.

All in all, getting married on a cruise ship is a fun way to combine your nuptials with a honeymoon for you and a vacation for your guests. That’s the experience, which you will never forget. However, prior to making the final choice, make sure that this idea has more pros than cons specifically for you.

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