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Every girl has felt a bit confused while choosing special occasion dresses because it is indeed quite difficult to find the perfect outfit that compliments your personality on a special evening. However, the struggle is even more real when you have a destination wedding ceremony to attend and don’t want to overpack at the same time.

Your bff has spent hours planning a unique destination wedding, and your outfit should complement her efforts. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create a travel capsule for a destination wedding celebration:

1.   Season

In which season the wedding is taking place is a crucial factor that would help you pack. Is it a winter wedding where everything will be snowclad, or is it a summer celebration on a bright sunny afternoon? The type of season will determine the kinds of dresses that you would pack. For instance, it is obvious that you need to pack jackets and cardigans if it’s winter. Don’t make it more than two – one for the reception and one for the main ceremony. Trust us, you’ll not need that third one.

Winter formal dress

Photo by Adriano Gonçalves on Unsplash

Summer formal dress

Photo by Sami Bograd on Unsplash

Take two jackets, and make sure they go with your dresses fine. A beige trench coat and a black or navy blazer are two very versatile options that can be paired with different styles.

Try to go for full sleeve dresses and high necklines. On the contrary, when it’s summer or fall, sleeveless or open backs are preferred. Check out this long cocktail dress for a winter ceremony:

It will keep you warm, cozy, and looking glamorous at the same time. For summer, there are a lot of party dresses like this one here:

It’s glamorous and figure-flattering. You can also choose floral prints or appliques on pastel dresses to live up to the summer vibe.

Formal cocktail dress2.   Outdoor v/s Indoor

Just like the season, the venue of the celebration will also determine the type of clothes you choose. If it is a beach ceremony, go with breathable fabrics like chiffon and cotton in midi or short dresses. Whereas, if it is an indoor palace, church or ball ceremony, the attire should be more formal.

There are some designer semi-formal and formal dresses to pick from for an indoor wedding. Like this one here, you could go for a mermaid silhouette and off-shoulder neckline for a modest yet fashionable look.

To match with the overall outdoor setting of a beach wedding, go for something breathable and comfortable – yet elegant. Do not select white or ivory, especially if your dress is embroidered heavily. The last thing you want to do is steal the bride’s spotlight. You could opt for other trending lighter colors, such as blush pink, baby yellow, or light mint.

No matter what you decide according to the season and setting, do not over-pack and make sure your jackets and/or accessories match perfectly with your dresses.

Wedding shoes3.   Shoes

It is absolutely important to walk into the venue in the perfect pair of shoes that go with your dresses. Our suggestion to you is to take two pairs of sandals or heels for the ceremony and reception, as well as a pair of loafers or sneakers for all time use. We’d suggest a neutral-colored pair like nude, beige, or blush pink, an all-black pair of party shoes, and white sneakers. Ensure that your shoes are highly comfortable to fully enjoy those beautiful moments.

4.   Accessories

What is the perfect attire without the right accessories! To save room in your luggage while ensuring that you’ve got everything, you need a minimalistic approach and highly versatile pieces. That is why, we suggest you carry a box or handheld bag with a removable sling so you can use it as a fancy handbag as well as a crossbody. Experiment with mix and match jewelry of the same tone. Rose gold jewelry is trending for its classy appeal and high versatility. But, gold and silver-toned jewelry is evergreen. So, before you randomly pack a few pieces, take a close look at the color scheme of your outfits. Typically, two pairs of earrings, a bracelet and two necklaces will be enough to get you through the entire celebration. Deal with cold weather in the most elegant way by packing a fine cashmere scarf that will keep you warm and comfortable all day long.

5.   Extra Essentials

Don’t forget to pack your nightgown, lingerie, and of course, makeup kit. Make sure not to go overboard with the last one. Just the basics – a concealer, a mini highlighter, blush and contour trio, couple of lipsticks, foundation, mascara, an eye palette, and hair accessories like clips, ties, and clutches – would be enough.

And voila! Your stunning travel capsule is ready for that much-awaited destination wedding. Go stun everyone with your gorgeous, minimalist style.

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