Escape to the Mountains for an Asheville NC Honeymoon

Pack yours bags and prepare for adventure when you embark on a journey for your Asheville NC honeymoon. You’ll have stunning Blue Ridge Mountain views, an abundance of romantic things to do and many opportunities to cozy up to your spouse in this popular area of North Carolina.
It’s perfect for a bit of adventure and relaxation whether you stay at a luxury resort, like the Grand Bohemian near the heart of downtown, or a pet-friendly cabin that’s steps away from the woods.

Geography and Weather for your Asheville NC Honeymoon

Where is Asheville, North Carolina?

Asheville is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains in western North Carolina, on the east coast of the United States. There are three distinct areas of the state: the western mountains, central Piedmont and eastern coastal area. This romantic honeymoon destination is in the mountains.

Typical Weather to expect for your Asheville Honeymoon

Asheville is over 2,000 feet above sea level. They get four seasons, including a moderate fall and winter, and beautiful spring and hot summer. If you hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains to a point like Mount Mitchell, for example (the highest peak of the Appalachian Mountain trail), the elevation is over 6,600 feet. Hence, you can expect there to be changes in temperatures as you travel up or down the mountain.

Average snowfall in Asheville is 16″ a year and it’s important to know inclement weather affects the area. It shuts down roads and access to some areas.

In true mountain area form, it can be sunny and warm during the day but quickly cool off in the evenings. It’s best to pack for your romantic Asheville honeymoon with outfits that can be layered.

Asheville Time Zone

Asheville is in an Eastern Standard Time zone that observes Daylight Savings during summer. If it’s 3:00pm in Los Angeles it’s 6:00pm in Asheville.

Practical Information for your Honeymoon in Asheville North Carolina

COVID Safety in Asheville and North Carolina, Overall

Even though COVID isn’t a romantic topic when it comes to your honeymoon, discussing it is a must.
Beware of general honeymooning during COVID tips and info. All state parks are open in NC but some facilities at those parks are closed. Check the North Carolina State Parks online resource for an extensive list of what’s open and closed. (Information for Grandfather Mountain, which is a popular park frequented by state residents and visitors, is included there.)

Asheville created their own Safety Pledge that will put travelers’ minds at ease when choosing this beautiful destination for a memorable honeymoon.

If you’re interested in booking a special, romantic trip with wide-open spaces this could be a great solution for you since outdoor activities and hiking is plentiful.

LGBTQ+ Information

North Carolina abides by Federal laws regarding same-sex marriage. Though a controversial bill regarding gender and bathrooms (the HB2 bill) surfaced in the state a few years ago it was repealed. Asheville is especially welcoming to people from all walks of life, including gay and transgender visitors.

Travel and Planning Information for Your Honeymoon in Asheville

If you’re on the east coast of the United States and North Carolina isn’t too far away you may consider driving to your North Carolina weekend getaway or extended honeymoon in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
However if you need to fly there are plenty of options into and around Asheville. You would drive the rest of the way after landing in nearby airports.

Airports In and Near Asheville

The closest airport to the heart of the city is a small regional one. It allows easy access to the mountains and downtown area.

The following airlines fly into the Asheville airport, code AVL:

  • American Airlines
  • United
  • Delta
  • Allegiant

The closest major international airport within the state, however, is Charlotte (CLT). The drive from Charlotte to downtown Asheville is around two hours, give or take for traffic. (It’s a small time commitment for the reward of arriving to your romantic getaway in North Carolina.)

If you fly to Asheville it’s recommended you rent a car since a lot of activities in the area involve driving or needing a car to get there. One such activity is driving the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway.

Cost of Flying There

Here’s three examples of what it would cost to fly to Asheville, roundtrip, during spring (each have one stop):

  • LAX to AVL: $325
  • NYC area to AVL: $250
  • IAH (Houston) to AVL: $300

Conversely, here are examples of the cost to fly to Charlotte (CLT), roundtrip, during the same time (all direct flights):

  • LAX to CLT: $400
  • NYC area to CLT: $165
  • IAH (Houston) to CLT: $270

Peak and Off Peak Times to Visit Asheville

Off-peak time to visit Asheville is during winter but we think that’s one of the most romantic times to cozy up to your loved one amidst the Blue Ridge Mountains. Peak time is during spring when temperatures are more moderate then the height of summer. Late October and early November are very popular as well when the leaves change colors in autumn.

Activities for a Romantic Asheville NC Honeymoon

Any Asheville NC honeymoon is due for a mix of relaxation, exploring downtown Asheville and some quality time with the mountains.

Spas and Wellness for an Asheville Honeymoon

This area’s mountains provide a therapeutic escape from the hustle and bustle of any city. Let the mountain air and crisp breezes provide a natural cleanse. Here’s some spa suggestions in Asheville to help you relax and rejuvenate:

  • Omni Grove Park Inn
  • Wake Foot Sanctuary
  • Asheville Salt Cave
  • Sauna House

There are even Asheville Wellness Tours for those interested in an enhanced experience, including Forest Bathing.

You can enjoy the Biltmore property even if you’re not staying there including things like:

  • Tour the Biltmore Estate, including the house and gardens
  • Wine tastings
  • Take a romantic carriage ride
  • Rent bicycles
  • Fly fish
  • Kayak

Photo Credit: The Biltmore Company

Outdoor Fun for your Asheville Honeymoon

Stargazing is a particularly romantic thing to do when you’re in the mountains of Asheville, NC. Light pollution outside downtown is very limited, which is optimal for looking at the stars; it’s one of the darkest areas in all of North Carolina.

If you want some astrological guidance during your honeymoon consider connecting with the Astronomy Club of Asheville, who hosts stargazing events about twice a month (outside of COVID regulations).

Hiking is easy in Asheville and you don’t have to climb a mountain to be considered a “hiker” there either. They have all sorts of trails like ones that are less than two miles for a beginner. Or, if you’re more experienced, you can choose a trail that’s over 50 miles where you’ll encounter waterfalls. Check Asheville’s handy Hiking Trail Finder for a befitting honeymoon hike. Bring your dog along for the perfect pet-friendly honeymoon activity.

Discover the Best Asheville Tours.

There’s no shortage of great scenery in this area and the Blue Ridge Parkway is one of the best ways to see many miles of it. It’s an official Scenic Byway in the USA and there’s great spots to stop along your drive to picnic with romantic panoramic views. Pre-order and pickup a weekend picnic basket at The Rhu before you venture out.

Use the helpful, free “Blue Ridge Pkwy Travel Planner” app for even more information about the highway, including its history and things to do as you drive along it. (Download the app before you leave good wifi. Cell service in the mountains can be spotty!)

If you like to ski and you’re honeymooning during winter there’s two options within an hour of Asheville. (And all the more reason to cuddle for warmth after a day on the slopes!)

The ski resorts are Wolf Ridge, 31 miles north of the city, and the Cataloochee area, 35 miles west of the city. If it ends up being icy instead of snowing, take advantage of it! You can take a guided ice climb and no equipment on your end is necessary. Let Fox Mountain Guides bring the gear and the instruction.

Check the National Parks Service website for current driving conditions; parts of the highway may be closed for various reasons throughout the year mostly because of bad weather.

Explore Downtown

You must set aside time to walk around downtown Asheville in order to experience the entire area. It’s full of great restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are plenty of bars and shops to enjoy as well.

Asheville has plenty of breweries if you’re into craft beer, including Wicked Weed Brewing or Bhramari Brewing Company. There’s a booming art scene as well including art galleries, live music venues and a working glass studio with free demonstrations at Lexington Glassworks.

Where to Stay during your Asheville NC Romantic Getaway

Asheville Cabins and Home Rentals

The easiest way to stay in the mountains is to rent a cabin or home. Some rentals include a spa (like a hot tub) that you can relax in while you sip wine or champagne, reminisce about your wedding and enjoy a mountain view.

VRBOs and Air BnB options are plentiful and befitting for a couple on their honeymoon vacation. Some are pet-friendly as well.

Luxury and Moderate Hotels

The downtown area and its surrounding neighborhoods is where the bulk of the luxury and moderate resorts are. These accommodations are great if you want a romantic getaway in North Carolina with some mountain activities but ultimately you want to stay in a central location that has restaurants and shopping areas steps – or a very short drive – away.

Some of these hotels have their own spa facilities, which is certainly a honeymoon perk to indulge in.
Luxury resorts:

  • Biltmore Estate (three properties including the Inn at Biltmore Estate, Village Hotel and Cottage)
  • Grand Bohemian Hotel Asheville (ultra modern and romantic vibe inside)
  • Omni Grove Park Inn (a historic hotel with exceptional mountain views from the back of the hotel and its own luxury spa)
  • The Windsor Boutique Hotel (in the heart of downtown)
  • Cedar Crest Inn Bed and Breakfast (ask about their add-on romance package)

These hotels will sometimes run specials on getaways and offer incentives to book more nights. So be sure to research or ask about available packages when inquiring.
Moderate downtown resorts:

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