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With the changing times, where being untraditional is completely acceptable, there are couples that opt out of having a traditional wedding cake for their wedding.  Some couples are choosing to do dessert bars or even a pie station. However, in the past couple of years, there has been a transition back to a traditional romantic wedding.  With that, the importance of the wedding cake comes back into focus.

Couples do not just want a simple wedding cake, but they want to take the design of the cake to a whole new level. Even for smaller weddings, couples are requesting faux cake layers so that they can have the appearance of a very tall multi layered cake. So, how much does a wedding cake cost?

What Influences the Cost of Wedding Cakes?

There are several factors that go into play. Wedding cakes are not created equal, and there are even bakeries that will use boxed mixes. The couple needs to determine what is important to them. First, consider the ingredients. Bakeries that bake from scratch and uses local organic ingredients will be more expensive. Just factoring the ingredients alone, the prices will range from $12-$15 per person for a cake that has organic ingredients. For cakes that are not organic, prices can range as low as $4 to $8 a person. Usually, that pricing is for buttercream frosting and a more basic style cake that has piping.

New Trends in Wedding Cakes

The complexity of design also affects prices. With the popularity of shows like Cake Boss, couples are pushing for more, but couples that opt for a more elaborate cake can expect to pay more. There is no such thing as being off limits as far as cake designs go; some have watercolor designs, elaborate sugar flowers, and extensive amount of décor.

In the past, a lot of the designs were being done with fondant, which is a thick paste made of sugar and water and does not taste very good. Now, dessertiers are opting to be more creative using chocolate molds and buttercream. For a more decorated cake, couples can expect to pay $18 per person and up, depending on what has to go into the design.

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Photo credit for top photo: Cake by Michele Coulon Dessertier; Photo by Wynn Austin Events

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