How to Write Heartfelt Wedding Thank You Notes

Writing wedding thank you notes is a meaningful way to express your gratitude to those who shared in your special day, or celebrated you from afar. It’s not only a courteous gesture but also a chance to pause and take time to reflect on not only the wonderful gifts your loved ones generously gave you, but to think about the love and support of your friends and family as you start your married life. . To help you craft the perfect thank you notes, we’ve put together some tips, a simple formula, and five examples to guide you.

When to Send Thank You Notes

Traditional wedding etiquette says that wedding thank you notes should be sent within three months of your wedding day. However, it’s often recommended to do so sooner, ideally within a month, for a more timely expression of gratitude. Starting the writing process early can also make it more manageable. Consider tackling a few thank you notes each evening to ease the task, and don’t forget to share this responsibility with your partner!

Types of Thank You Notes to Send

For Gifts: If you put any housewares or physical items on your registry, these thank you notes are specifically crafted to express your appreciation for the tangible gifts you received on your wedding day. Mention the gift specifically and how and when you plan to use or enjoy it.

For Honeyfund Contributions: These notes are designed to convey your appreciation for the generous monetary gifts that will (or already did!) make your dream honeymoon experiences a reality. Express your excitement about the adventures and special moments that their contributions will enable you to enjoy during your getaway.

For Attendance: It’s essential to acknowledge the presence of those who graced your wedding with their company, even if they didn’t give you a physical gift or make a contribution to your Honeyfund. These notes express gratitude for the emotional support, well wishes, and the shared joy that your guests brought to your special day.

For Special Contributions and Services: Some individuals may go above and beyond in supporting your big day, whether they are friends and family or wedding vendors. Consider writing a note to those in your wedding party, who performed a reading during your ceremony, or to the stylists who did your hair and makeup. These notes are reserved for those extraordinary individuals who played a special role in your big day.

Formula for Structuring Your Thank You Notes 

You know you have to write thank you notes, but how do you start thinking of what to say? Just like the greeting message on your wedding website, a great thank you note is personal, specific and comes from the heart. Use the simple formula below to guide you. and you’ll knock them out in no time.

Start with a Greeting: Begin your thank you note with a warm and personalized greeting. Address the recipient by their name or their relationship to you, such as “Dear Aunt Susan” or “Hello John and Sarah.” This sets the tone for a heartfelt expression of gratitude. It may be tempting to skip writing the recipient’s name to move more quickly through your stack of notes, but this very small bit of personalization makes a big difference in setting the tone for your note.

Acknowledge Their Presence: Open your message by expressing your sincere gratitude for their attendance at your wedding or their special role in your life. Let them know that their presence has made a significant impact on your happiness.

Express Gratitude: Start your thank you note by expressing heartfelt thanks for their generous Honeyfund contribution or physical gift. Highlight the significance of their gift in helping you create memorable honeymoon experiences.

Get Specific: To make your thank you note even more personal and meaningful, share a specific detail about the gift or honeymoon experience their gift will help fund. Whether it’s a romantic dinner on the beach, a thrilling adventure, or a relaxing spa day, this adds a personal touch that shows your genuine appreciation. Pro tip: include a photo from your trip of you enjoying the experience they gifted you! 

Share Future Plans: If applicable, mention how excited you are to embark on the honeymoon experiences they’ve contributed to. This not only expresses your anticipation but also lets them know that they are a part of your future happiness.

Closing & Sign-off: Close the note with warmth and sincerity, and then sign your names. Use phrases like “once again, thank you for your generosity,” or “we feel truly blessed to have you in our lives.” These closing words add a final touch of gratitude and appreciation.

Thank You Note Examples 

Using the formula above, take some of our examples below and make them your own! 

For Someone Who Contributed To Your Honeyfund

Dear Aunt Susan,

We’re so glad you could be there to support us on our big day. We are overjoyed to thank you for your generous Honeyfund contribution that will make our romantic beach dinner during our honeymoon a reality. Your presence at our wedding meant the world to us, and now your thoughtful gift will allow us to enjoy a delicious meal by the shore. [Your and your partner’s names]can’t wait to create this beautiful memory together. Once again, thank you for your generosity.

Warmly, [Your Names]

Dear Lisa and Mark,

Your presence at our wedding was a delight, and we want to express our heartfelt thanks for your generous Honeyfund contribution. Your thoughtful gift will help us take an exciting excursion during our honeymoon. We are thrilled about taking our honeymoon next month and for all of the fun and excitement ahead. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Sincerely, [Your Names]

For Someone Who Bought You a Physical Gift

Hello Sarah and Michael,

Your presence at our wedding was a wonderful gift, and your thoughtful gift of the elegant dinnerware set is a great addition to our home. We truly appreciate your generosity and the time you took to select such a beautiful and meaningful gift. We can’t wait to use it for special meals and gatherings with loved ones. 

With heartfelt gratitude, [Your Names]

For a Friend Who Helped with a Special Contribution

Dear Michelle,

We can’t express our gratitude enough for all of your hard work on our wedding day. Your talent and dedication played a significant role in making all of us look and feel our best. You made our morning so fun, and I couldn’t have asked for better makeup—your work was better than the pictures I showed you for inspo! Your expertise added a special touch to our day, and we are deeply thankful.

With warm appreciation, [Your Names]

For Someone Who Didn’t Get You a Gift

Dear Mr. Brown,

We want to express our heartfelt thanks for being with us on our wedding day. Your presence meant the world to us, and we truly appreciate your support. We’re grateful you were able to celebrate such a special moment in our lives with us. We look forward to more shared moments in the future.

Warm regards, [Your Names]

Incorporating these tips and using the formula and examples above, you can create heartfelt and personalized thank you notes that will leave a lasting impression on your wedding guests and those who contributed to your special day.

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