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If you’re planning a wedding, or even if you know anybody who’s ever gotten married, then I’m sure you’ve heard people talk about how the wedding day flies by so quickly that you hardly even realize it happened. And you know what? It’s so true! The adrenaline and the nonstop nature of wedding days combine to create a blur of activity for most couples.

After putting so much time and love into planning your wedding day, of course, you want to remember every last minute of it. So how do you avoid falling victim to the Wedding Day Memory Blur? We tell our couples to take mental snapshots throughout the day, and we also like to work with them to create memorable moments they and their guests won’t easily forget.

Creating Memorable Wedding Day Moments

You might want plan a beautiful wedding trip at a gorgeous honeymoon destination that you remember with lots of pictures, but here are ten of our favorite ideas for creating memorable wedding day moments:


Have a photobooth

Photobooths at weddings add so much: They give guests something fun to do besides dance and chat, they create wedding favors people actually love, and they capture awesome pics of your guests for you to enjoy later. Much better than table pictures! Plus, photo booths aren’t that expensive, so you can probably afford to add one to your plans.

Make the day your own

There’s only one couple exactly like you, so why have a wedding exactly like everybody else’s? Sit down and think about your love story: Where did you meet? What do you enjoy doing together? What made you fall in love? Then find ways to incorporate those details into your wedding day. You don’t have to go full-on theme wedding; it might be as simple as an ice cream bar featuring the flavors you shared on your first date. Whatever it is, share the significance with your guests and you’ll have an unforgettable moment going on.

Play with your guests

If your reception venue offers outdoor lawn space, then set up some games and a serve-yourself lemonade bar! You and your guests will have a great time playing croquet, badminton, or whatever else you can think up. And how often do you have the opportunity to get photos of you and your friends dressed to the nines for a sophisticated game of lawn bowling? It’ll be the wedding moment of the season.

Cut a rug

Whether you’re already dancers or not, your guests will be delighted by watching you and your new spouse having a Ginger and Fred moment for your first dance, and wow! What a great photo op! You can have a dance choreographed or just take some lessons in swing dancing or another social dance. Bonus: Pre-wedding dance lessons mean built-in date nights!

Surprise your spouse

Is there something your sweetheart really loves but would never expect at your wedding? Maybe serenading her with her favorite song, or renting his dream car for your getaway? Make it happen! Your wedding will be one of the most romantic occasions ever for the two of you, so what better time to go all out? Your new spouse will literally never stop bragging about your thoughtfulness, and neither will your guests.

Go out with a sparkle

End the night with a brilliant sparkler sendoff. Guests love it because they get to play such a fun part (who doesn’t love sparklers?); you’ll love saying your goodbyes in such a festive way. And sparkler exit photos are always gorgeous and romantic! It’ll be a bright moment in more ways than one.

Have your guests sing you down the aisle

This is a new one we’ve only seen a couple of times, but I love it: Instead of having musicians perform your processional or recessional, have your guests sing you down the aisle! Choose a favorite hymn or song and have it printed in your program, then give one or two people the responsibility of getting the singing going. You’ll be surrounded and lifted up by the voices of those you love. Does imagining that moment give you chills? Me too!

Get a group shot

Plan to get a group photo of you with your wedding party and all of your guests sometime during the wedding day. The easiest time to do this is right after your ceremony, before guests start drifting off to the cocktail hour. You might never have all of these people together in one place with you again, so get a picture and save the moment! It’ll be one of your favorite wedding photos for years to come.

Take some time for you

At some point in your wedding day, schedule a few minutes to spend together with no interruptions. If you’re doing a first look, maybe you can carve out a few minutes after the photographer’s done with your couple’s portraits. Another great option is planning to head to a quiet spot together right after the ceremony. However you do it, it’ll give you a chance to reflect together on this amazing day before it’s all over.

Hire the best photographer you can afford

Ideally, you’d remember every last detail of your wedding day, but the reality is that you simply won’t. In fact, there’ll be moments you don’t even experience because you’re only able to be in one place at a time. That’s why it’s super important to find the best photographer your budget will accommodate. The images you get back will help you remember all the little things you remember but might forget years down the road, and they’ll also introduce you to sweet moments you didn’t even know were happening. The day you get your pictures back is like living your wedding day all over again! Good photography is an expense we’ve never heard a couple regret after the wedding’s over.

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