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This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

Weddings are wonderful occasions.  They celebrate the joy of special love between two people and are events that live long in the memory.

The process of planning your wedding should always be an enjoyable one and should never be a hassle or a headache.  Yes, there’s plenty to think about and organize, especially if you are perhaps looking for your wedding to be something different to the norm.

The traditional wedding package is where you decide upon a venue such as a large hotel, for example, and you then decide on the offering-per-guest, and it’s priced accordingly.  If it’s a break from the norm you are looking for, then you might have gone down the route of renting a venue space, but it’s exactly that – a space.  You need to rent equipment to kit the venue out.  Because this is not something offered by the venue, yes, it is additional work for you, but what it DOES to is allow you the opportunity to get your venue looking EXACTLY how you want it!

Part of your equipment rental list, therefore, will be your wedding furniture, and below are our 5 top tips for renting wedding furniture to help you along the way.

1. Plan carefully based on your guest numbers

The starting point for deciding on your wedding furniture is your event space as well as your expected guest numbers. Let’s assume that you want round dining tables for your wedding reception party. Typically, these tables are available in different diameter sizes and the larger the table, the more guests you can seat around it.  For example, 6ft tables are used which can seat around 10 guests.  Do you have the room for these large tables of 10, or do you need slightly smaller tables with maybe 8 guests around each?  Here’s where site visits to your venue are really useful from a practical point of view.  Take your measuring tape and a piece of paper to sketch out the layout to help you visualize it.

Rent the right chairs

Photo by Gde Kertayasa from Pixabay

2. Wedding chairs are all the same, aren’t they?

Typically, when you look at images of a beautiful wedding in a bridal magazine or on Instagram, for example, you’ll see wooden Chiavari banqueting chairs being used.  But if you’re looking for something different to the norm, bear in mind that there are a huge number of choice out there.  The best wedding chair rental companies can provide you with a wide range of options, from rustic oak chairs through to modern & contemporary transparent wedding chairs which can really help you make a statement.  Remember, your wedding is a unique occasion for you as a couple and so the more special and personal touches you can include, the more memorable it is sure to be for you and your guests.

Rent your tables

Photo by Tae Fuller on Pexels

3. Accessorize your furniture

It might be that your venue actually does offer you some basic chairs and tables, but you just don’t like them as they don’t fit in with the vision you are trying to create.  If this is the case, then why not consider accessorizing your furniture.  You can normally rent items such as stretch covers for chairs as well as bows and ties in different colors.  And, of course, for your wedding tables, don’t forget the crisp linen tablecloths and matching napkins, all of which will be available from the best wedding furniture rental suppliers.

Rent a dance floor

Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

4. What about bars and dance floors?

When we talk about wedding furniture, it’s important to realize that this is much more than just tables and chairs.  Don’t forget that if you’re renting a blank space venue, then you’ll need to rent things like portable bars and dance floors, again which are normally available in a variety of styles and colors. Most brides and grooms will opt for a paid bar facility though if you’re feeling generous, why not go for the free bar option – you’ll be even more popular with your guests!

5. Rent well in advance!

One word of caution – the peak summer wedding season sees huge demand for temporary furniture each year and so always aim to rent wedding furniture as far in advance as possible.  As soon as you have decided on what you need, place your order with a deposit so it’s locked in for you.  This way, you can move on to organizing other aspects of your wedding.

Hopefully our 5 tips will have made interesting reading for you and help you along the way with your wedding planning.

The only thing left for us to say now is CONGRATULATIONS!

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Author Bio: Simon Wiser is the Marketing Director of Event Hire UK, the UK’s premier temporary event rental suppliers. With years of experience of renting furniture to the wedding industry, Event Hire UK helps out thousands of brides & grooms each year to create stunning & memorable weddings.

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