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This post was written by LaJoy Cox from LaJoy Photography. LaJoy has worked on popular TV shows, and has been published and featured with some of the biggest magazines. Primarily focused on wedding photography, she branched out to branding photography and lifestyle photography industries bringing creativity and joy together. Read her awesome tips for helping couples remaining stress-free during their wedding photography session.


As we all know, the day of the wedding can be quite stressful for the bride and groom. Whether it’s going to bed late because of excitement, waking up early for hair and makeup, worries about the wedding logistics, or extreme nervousness in saying “I do” to the love of your life, the to-be-wedded couple can easily become drained by the wedding day. And when a bride and groom are feeling drained, they aren’t the most enthusiastic at the idea of taking pictures. However, I’ve created 4 tips at keeping the energy high and the couple excited and happy to capture all of their wedding photos.

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1. First Look

Having a first look is awesome for so many reasons. When a bride or groom is super anxious, having a first look between the couple can calm those nerves and allow the bride and/or groom to relax a little. Also, the first look creates a less stressful photo session after the ceremony, as a lot of the images can be taken prior. Less stressful = more happiness!

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2. Capture Candid Images

Sometimes couples become a little tense when they realize that they have to pose for the camera. I’ve found that the best images are those captured when the couple didn’t notice. With candid shots, I’m able to remove the pressure of taking pictures from the couple while capturing their organic chemistry without the couple noticing.

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3. Book Photographer For Extra Time

Most photographers offer wedding photography packages based upon the time that most couples desire for their wedding. However, couples are not limited to the amount of hours indicated in the package. Most photographers have no problem adding additional time or upgrading a wedding photography package. While adding additional time will also add additional cost, it will also add additional peace to the wedding day. No longer would a bride have to worry about whether the photographer was able to capture everything on her wish list of shots within the timeframe. This allows the couple to focus on being happy and enjoying the wedding.

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4. Wedding Portrait Session After Wedding

Most couples feel the pressure in taking pictures during the cocktail hour. A great way to alleviate the pressure is to take some portrait pictures after the wedding. That’s right, after. Once the couple has made the grand exit and the guests have departed, the couple and the photographer can make a bee line back to the venue or other surrounding beautiful areas to capture more images at night. With it being a nighttime setting, the couple can glow underneath the moon and stars in the pictures. And with no worries about having guests wait too long or sticking to the timeline, the couple will feel their happiest and super free knowing that there is nothing to worry about.

When I’ve been asked to describe my most memorable weddings, it’s never been the beautiful flowers or the gorgeous gowns that come to mind. The most memorable weddings have been where the couples happily enjoy their day with no stress or worries, and that is something that every couple deserves.

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