Tying the knot

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Some say that marriage is the “final frontier” of love and devotion. Not surprisingly so, there is no better way for a loving relationship to culminate than for two soulmates to tie the knot and proclaim their undying love to the world. That said, marriage is not just about keeping the spark alive, it’s also about mutual understanding, honesty, communication, about change and the willingness to change, about planning for the future, and setting the stage for a long and happy life together.

Needless to say, achieving all of this requires careful planning, preparation, and above all, honest communication with your partner. Here are the essential things you need to figure out before you tie the knot.

Planning for your weddingBe Completely Honest And Transparent

A marriage can fail for any number of complicated or simple reasons. From complex issues such as deep emotional misunderstanding, all the way to simply falling out of love with someone, or having different visions of the future, there is no hiding from the fact that to make a marriage work, you need to communicate. Honest and transparent communication is the first thing you need to master in your relationship if you are to make this whole thing work in the long run.

Forget about taboos or insecurities, forget about secrecy or spoon-feeding your partner information about yourself and your life, because if you want to get married, you both need to be like an open book. Doing this will allow you to recognize any issues before they come up months or years down the line, it will allow you to see if you’re on the same page, and if you want the same things in life.

Choosing your homeFigure Out Where You’ll Live

While you’re talking to your future spouse about your future and how you’re going to organize your life once you tie the knot, it’s important to figure out where you’re going to life, based on your dreams and aspirations. Now, there are many considerations that go into planning this important step, so take your time.

Firstly, talk about children. Children make all the difference when it comes to choosing a new place of residence because you will not only need a grander living environment, you will also need to find the ideal neighborhood to thrive as a family. Next, consider your own needs, and your proximity to work, friends, and family members. You can move into a city pad, or you can move into the suburbs into a real family home – both options require you to embrace a unique lifestyle and mindset, so choose carefully and think long-term.

Financial planning for couples

Tend To Meticulous Financial Planning

Love is the driving force behind a successful marriage. When your relationship is founded on love and mutual respect, there is no challenge in life you won’t be able to overcome. But that doesn’t mean that love alone is enough for a long and happy marriage. Whether you want to admit it or not, money plays a vital role as well, so it’s imperative to tend to meticulous financial planning early on.

For example, in Hong Kong, it’s a common practice for new couples planning a life together to compare credit card options in order to find the solution and issuer with the best rewards, bonuses, and credit solutions to fit their lifestyle and needs. Likewise, be sure to talk to your future spouse about bank options, joint accounts, and credit cards to figure out the best way to stay in control of your finances, and protect your wealth in the long run.

Be Willing To Make Some Personal Changes

You’ve heard it a million times: marriage is about compromise. Look, you might be soulmates, but even soulmates have to make some changes in their habits and lifestyle in order to make the relationship work. So, ditch the “love me for who I am” mindset and start working on yourself while making sure that your partner is also willing to make some changes on their part. Remember, compromise is the foundation for a loving and long-lasting marriage.

Planning your futurePlan Your Future As A Family

And lastly, both you and your partner should have an equal say in planning your future. Marriage is not about one person holding all the cards, it’s about equality in everything you do, and that includes planning your future. If you have some opposing viewpoints, be sure to talk about them honestly and calmly, and find a solution that makes both of you happy. And above all, be respectful of each other’s wishes, because a marriage can’t work without mutual respect.

If you’re planning to get hitched with the love of your life, understand that marriage is quite different than just living together or being in a relationship, as it requires careful planning and preparation to work. Use these tips to figure out if you’re truly ready to get hitched, and of course, set the stage for a long and happy life together.

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