Plan a fun wedding reception

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This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

 Looking to make your wedding stand out from others this season? Here are some interesting wedding reception ideas to incorporate into your plans.

Fun Wedding Reception Ideas To Set You Apart

Have a signature drink

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1. Signature Drink

Avoid a line at the bar by choosing a big-batch cocktail for your signature drink that can simply be poured and served for your guests. You can also use garnishes or other drink-related elements, like monogrammed napkins and stirrers, to personalize your signature drinks.

2. Food Truck

Late Night Munchies After a night of dancing, your guests are bound to be tired and hungry. Top off the evening with tasty treats from a food truck of your choice to keep your guests happy! Keep it simple with comfort food favorites like burgers and hot dogs or sweets like ice cream and donuts.

Consider lawn games at your recption

3. Life-Size Lawn Games

You can find Jenga, Connect-4, Tic-Tac-Toe and tons of other giant games that your guests will enjoy playing during cocktail hour. If you have a little time on your hands, you can create your own scavenger hunt and hide items around the reception area for your guests to discover. They don’t have to be related to your wedding — although a scavenger hunt that tells the story of your and your spouse’s relationship would be sweet and memorable.

LIven up your reception with music

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4. Music

Whether you’ve hired a band or a DJ, if you want to keep the dance floor packed, plan a playlist that will please the whole crowd, not just you two. You may love obscure indie rock, but now isn’t the time to show off your discerning taste in music. Sure, mix in a few of your favorites, but don’t leave out the past and present hits; otherwise, you risk an empty dance floor.

5. Photo Booth

One sure-fire way to guarantee a good time for your guests is to outsource a little entertainment. You don’t have to have an Elvis impersonator show up–though that would be awesome–to get folks excited. Simply find an activity or entertainer that will help keep the party flow going.

For example, consider having a photo booth. Photo booths are great because they provide entertainment AND a favor to take home.

Fireworks to mark your wedding

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6. Fireworks!

Keep guests celebrating by planning a surprise for the end of the night that everyone can look forward to. You and your new spouse can perform a song with the band for the last dance or prep a memorable reception getaway like fireworks send-off.

Use long tables at your reception

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7. Long Tables

While some weddings have smaller and more intimate tables scattered throughout the reception, some decide to take another route and put in long tables. If your venue allows for longer tables, it may be the preferred route to take. Mixing and mingling larger groups of tables will cultivate interactive wedding guests.

8. Lighting

The right lighting is key for receptions taking place in the evening and outdoor. Consider strings of delicate lights mixed with large hanging bulbs to achieve an enchanting look everyone will rave about.

Plan a unique after party

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9. After Party

Instead of just hitting the bar next door when your reception venue closes, plan a true post-wedding bash for you and your hardest-partying guests. Book a space with a completely different vibe from your reception (like a relaxed patio bar or a karaoke club to offset a formal ballroom) to keep the party going.

10. Couple Fun Facts

It’s likely that if someone is attending a couple’s wedding, they’re pretty knowledgeable about at least the bride or the groom, but you never know! Incorporating fun facts on napkins, decor, or table settings may be the perfect way for guests to learn something new about the newly married couple.

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