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You have chosen your partner, so how do you show your love how much you value her? Like many other guys, you are probably aware of a girl’s affection for diamonds. You want to amaze her, impress her, and win her heart for life, so knowing how to pick out a diamond rationally will help you pick out the perfect ring. Picking out a diamond to make a proposal or gift for honeymoon need not be a daunting task.

Seal your love with a diamond

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The History of Diamonds How to Choose a Diamond Using the 4 C’s

Diamonds have been used as precious decorative elements since ancient times, and the start of their use dates back as early as 25,000-30,000 B.C. So, it is interesting to find out what a diamond is that makes it a perfect wedding symbol.

Diamonds are a crystal solid form of carbon. Their formation takes a long time – approximately between 1 and 3.5 billion years. Initially, these stones were formed deep in the Earth’s mantle under the influence of high pressure and temperatures. Volcanic eruptions carried them closer to the surface, so that people could mine and enjoy them.

As a natural material, diamonds are very hard, so they have been used in various polishing and cutting tools. However, you do not mean to use them like that during your wedding ceremony or honeymoon or your life thereafter. Instead, they are used in beautiful rings that symbolize your abiding love.

If you have a given budget, you may need some tips for selecting the best diamond ever for your beloved one without spending a fortune on that. There are many sources online which can provide you with some useful information about the main criteria for picking out a diamond for your special occasion. You can visit Diamond Wish blog to learn more about the nuances of such a choice. The most essential ideas are also represented in this article.

How to Choose a Diamond Using the 4 C’s + One

In opting for the best diamond ever, remember about the concept of 4Cs. These are:

  • Carat
  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Colour

There is one more ‘C’ here, and it is Certification. Though, let us speak about all these items in a row not to get lost.

The many cuts of diamonds

Carat Options or How to Save Money When Choosing a Diamond

The weight measure of a diamond is known as a carat. One carat comprises 0.2 grams, and it has 100 points. Most stones weigh less than one carat, and those of them that weigh more are rather rare.

Even one tiniest fraction of weight can change the price. You need to remember this and give preference to the stone that just misses the next full mark to get the best price. For example, if you opt for 0.90 instead of 0.99 carats, the price will be much lower.

Diamond Cut: Beauty or Geometry

If you are a newbie to diamond-purchasing, you may refer the word ‘cut’ as simply the shape of a stone – for example, it may be either round or square. Here, the story is not about pure geometry. It is about proportions, polishing, facet sparkling, and symmetry. So, it has much to do with beauty.

The better a diamond has been cut, the brighter it will glisten when the light falls on it. So, notice whether nearly all the light falling on the stone is reflected back. Then, it creates magnificent flashes of light by which diamonds are always distinguished.

A special diamond cut system includes the following types:

  • round or brilliant
  • modified brilliant, often in shapes such as square (or princess cut), oval, marquise, or pear
  • step, often pear-shaped, square, or baquette
  • mixed, such as princess, cushion, and radiant cut
  • rose, an old fashioned cut with a flat bottom and domed top

There is no need, of course, to focus on the parts of the cut or on grading them. Let us leave those matters to jewelers. However, you may search for more information if you are really interested in details. What you should focus on a finding a well-cut diamond in a shape that pleases your beloved.

Clarity Affects the Price

The truth is that most natural diamonds have some flaws or inclusions. They may be scratched, dirty, or contain chips or cracks, bubbles, or even debris. Flawless diamonds are rather rare and extremely pricey.

The perfection of a diamond may matter for you as you are striving for something really precious. However, the flaws in a stone distinguish it from similar gems and always confirm the ownership.

There are certain grades of clarity which are considered while forming the price, and a lower price does not mean that your gift is less valuable. However, you need to consult an independent expert to exclude the possible structural weakness because of the inclusion.

Colour Matters

Remember that diamonds of the highest worth have the slightest hues of colour. The most precious ones are colourless, although, there are some exceptions for green, brown, or yellow stones which are also quite rare and precious. The differences in colour can be miniscule, but they influence very much the cost and quality of a diamond.

If you buy mid-grade diamonds, opt for setting them in some white metal (like silver). This whiteness will make the diamond look brighter.

Choosing a diamond for your love

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Certification Should Be Considered

This 5th C is a must for any diamond you buy. Certification is meant to prove the scientific evaluation of the stone according to its carat weight, cut, clarity, and colour. By certification, a buyer is given a guarantee of the quality.

By buying certified diamonds, you can save money when purchasing larger stones with more flaws, but for a lower price which is explained in the certificate.

Remember to look for diamonds with certificates that are under three years old. Unfortunately, they may wear out with time, and older certificates do not describe all the details of their current state.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that you should think of those 5Cs while purchasing a diamond for your sweetheart’s happiness. By using this secret recipe, you will be proud of yourself for getting the best gift you could possibly find.

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