Planning for your honeymoon

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This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

You’ve finally decided to take that long-awaited romantic honeymoon, and it’s time to invest some time and creativity into devising that perfect itinerary, booking those tickets, and leaving your home to someone you trust. This is especially vital for longer trips that will last more than a weekend escape, so before you get to take that Parisian selfie and munch on the famous muffins in Amsterdam, you need to get your travel agenda in order.

Although we all have a different prepping process, some steps are considered essential no matter where you’re going. Here are the five must-do steps you should complete before you embark on that new journey and that become a checklist for all future long travel adventures!

Set Your Budget Straight

Plan your vacation budget

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While we’d all like to have a huge wallet and a never-ending bank account, the first rule of safe and worry-free travel is keeping your finances in order. Before you can move on to booking anything, take a close look at what you have at your disposal in terms of money you can spend on accommodations and the rest that you intend to spend while there, on food, souvenirs, sightseeing, museum visits, and the like.

Make sure you account for any visa expenses and travel insurance, as well as a little emergency fund just in case you need it. This is meant to help you avoid any disappointments in case you plan out the dreamiest trip to Bali only to find out you can afford about one half of that itinerary. Finally, you can use a phone app to track your budget while on the go!

Handle Your House-sitting Essentials

While you’re having fun somewhere far away, you should have someone take care of your home. That way, you’ll have a sparkling clean home to get back to! So, in addition to leaving your agenda with a few people who are staying behind, as well as the contact details of your accommodation, your flight schedule, and your personal contacts, give your home key to someone who can house-sit for you.

Give them detailed instructions on how to water your plants, when to use your air purifier to cleanse the air of dust, soot, allergens, and other elements found in the air, and you’ll have peace of mind when it comes to eliminating any pollutants from your home before you return. Also, if you have a pet, make sure you give them detailed instructions on how to tend to them on a daily basis!

Opt For A Fun Destination

Opt for a fun location

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With a budget set aside, you have a clear idea of what you can or cannot afford. Now’s the time to do some research and consider the pros and cons of various destinations. First and foremost, have you determined why you’re traveling? To rest and recuperate, to explore Mother Nature, to learn a new skill (such as on a yoga retreat), to taste the local cuisine, to museum-hop, to visit a festival, to bask on a beach?

Narrow down your choices, and you can then look into any travel agencies that offer interesting itineraries that could declutter your to-do list by booking a complete, all-inclusive deal. However, also try finding alternative options that might help you save some money to spend on your trip or make it even longer!

Take Care Of  Your Accommodations

Select your accommodations

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If you haven’t chosen the all-inclusive, agency-based option, you’ll need to find the right accommodation for your trip. Have you chosen the dates when you’d like to go? You can look through platforms such as or Airbnb to find a local apartment for a genuine stay immersed in the local culture.

Also check out possible hotels, hostels, and boutique accommodation options that are now becoming incredibly popular and that put you smack dab in the heart of all relevant events in your destination of choice!

Make Sure You Cover Your Transportation Needs

Meet your transportation needs

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Finally, depending on the trip you’re about to take, you might want to consider renting a car for the duration of your stay. This is a popular option especially for destinations such as the US, New Zealand, or Australia that offer incredible road trips.

However, keep in mind that most well-developed cities and urban areas have excellent public transportation systems, so you can look into purchasing tickets that will last during your stay instead of paying for individual rides every time.

Now, over to you and your impeccable travel itinerary to take over and start the journey! Use these tips to simplify the prepping process, and you’ll enjoy your honeymoon all the more for it.

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