Romantic belle sleeves are hot in wedding gowns

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Black. Beads. Florals. Feathers: Next season’s hottest trends that look even better in person than they do on Pinterest.

Black is making its way into wedding clothing

Wedding Trends For 2018

The best bridal looks for the 2018 season are tossing away classic styles and pushing traditional boundaries – adding high-contrast details in a way that takes any white dress up a notch. This season you are going to see black embellishments, heavy beading including body jewelry, florals, feathers, and belle sleeves. Not one style but one silhouette style will takeover, dramatically.

Black embellishments on wedding gown

Black embellishments and trimming will add interest to any gown. Combining hints of black may showcase a look for the bride that wants to appear confident, powerful, and in control while at the same time, edgy and feminine.

Form-fitting silhouettes for 2018

Toss the ball gown and make room for the hottest, more form-fitting, silhouette style for this season. For the bride who is looking to make a statement, the belle sleeve might be for you. The belle sleeve adds a feminine touch to your wedding look and is perfect for the bride who is always cold.

Beading in bridal has added a fresh take for the fashion-forward bride, including body jewelry that will be the new statement piece. Not only gowns, but veils will also be more heavily embroidered than ever before with pearls, crystals, and more.

Detail on wedding gown

New Florals Dominate The Scene

Florals have long been associated with wedding gowns, but the idea of three-dimensional florals will add embellishment, texture, and a fresh alternative to a plain white gown and veil. The new way to veil introduces a nature-based look, not only with florals but leaves and vines as well.

Feathers adore wedding gowns

As for feathers, you will see them everywhere, including; gowns, wedding invitations, men’s boutonnieres, bridal bouquets, arbors, aisle runners, and cakes. Yes, even the cake – No worries, the cake will consist of imitation feathers.

Laser cut wedding invitations

Exciting Wedding Decor

But that’s not all we saw in Las Vegas at the Wedding MBA Convention for wedding pros. Gown aside, what about your wedding look in terms of décor? I mean you only get married once, so why limit yourself?

This season, laser accent cutting will appear on chargers, placemats, cake toppers and table numbers. Also appearing are statuesque centerpieces, which are small on the bottom and large on top – adding volume to your decor. Dramatic dance floors with geometric patterns, stained glass, and 3D mapping will appear. Not only will 3D mapping illuminate your dance floor, but what about the outside of your venue, the interior walls, ceiling, or even the ceremony? Even acrylic dance floors filled with flowers or other small items will become popular. As will copper and marble, florals, and watercolor themes.

Big wedding cakes are back

Finally, my favorite part: the cake. Gone are the dainty one and two tiers, as cakes are expected to be grand and eye capturing. Cakes will be hand-painted or have a brushstroke look, taking your dessert to the next level.

Next season’s hottest trends have been recently set by some of the leading wedding and fashion professionals in the bridal industry. Wedding Planners Tracey Manailescu and Danielle Andrews, founders of the Wedding Planners Institute of Coordination, were guest speakers at the Wedding MBA convention bringing these seriously stunning trends to our attention. Not only are these trends stunning, they will also bring a breath of fresh air and dramatic flair to wedding events to come. As an internationally certified Wedding and Event Planner myself, I am excited to see these trends and concepts come to life for my own Michigan brides and grooms. krootez

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