Don't break the budget with your wedding

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Weddings are an extraordinary time for everyone. Emotions are high, there’s a celebration in the air, all punctuated by the sound of credit cards swiping as the love birds sing.

Weddings tend to be a big-budget event. However, you shouldn’t feel compelled to break the bank just to meet societal expectations of what your wedding should look like. Here are five reasons not to bust your budget for your wedding.

Affordable Can Still Look Incredible

Find a reasonably-priced dress

Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

The internet has made it easier to find the beautiful things you want for your wedding at an affordable price. You can buy a gorgeous dress well within your budget. Just check online retailers or vintage shops or ask your aunt or mother if possible to borrow their dress? Simple, subtle decor can be more impactful than thousand-dollar flower arrangements.

There are a lot of aspects of weddings that are frivolous and unnecessary. For example, programs can cost hundreds of dollars in stationery design and printing. Most of them inevitably end up in the garbage. Skip the unnecessary extras and get creative in your cost-saving efforts. Think about sustainability – you can have a re-used bourbon barrel to serve you as a guest book, and later on, you can even modify it into a coffee table!

Don't let fighting over money ruin your day

You’ll Set Yourself Up for Failure

Marriage isn’t always easy. Money is one of the things couples fight about most. So it goes without saying that starting your marriage with a bunch of extra debt isn’t conducive to a healthy relationship.

Have a conversation early in the wedding planning process. Discuss what you’re willing to spend, if you’ll be paying for everything or if your parents will be contributing, and what you’re willing to sacrifice. If you don’t have savings, you might have to take on a bit of debt, but make the conscious decision to do so responsibly.

Don't let the event be the focus

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The Event Shouldn’t Be the Focus

There’s no shame in wanting to share your vows in beautiful surroundings and have a fantastic party with your guests. However, sometimes, when the event gets too elaborate, the party becomes the focal point.

Keeping it simple-yet-elegant will ensure that the focus is your union. By reining it in, you won’t break the bank, the focus will be on your vows, and the party will just be an epic bonus.

Photos retrieve your memories

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You Won’t Get to Enjoy It

Here’s the ugly truth about your wedding day: you won’t remember most of it. Those tiny details that people stress about for months get lost in the excitement of the day. You likely won’t remember the little details until you see the photos weeks later.

Rather than breaking the bank on decor and little details, stick to the spending plan. When you walk down the aisle with all of your loved ones in attendance, those things won’t matter.

Don't make your wedding a money-making event

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Don’t Host a Money-Making Event

A lot of couples decide to spend a significant amount of money on the wedding with the idea that they’ll make it back in presents. While etiquette dictates that someone’s gift should cover the cost of their attendance, it’s a tacky approach to take.

First and foremost, it could backfire terribly. Rather than cash, you could end up with three toasters and a ton of debt. Second, it’s an unfair onus to put on your guests. Instead, remove the financial burden and celebrate authentically.

When you’re planning your wedding, create a budget that won’t break the bank and stick to it. Don’t let money be the focal point of your big day.

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