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Writing a Wedding Ceremony Script: 8 Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

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If you’re writing your own wedding vows, it can be hard to know where to look for help and advice. There are so many different types of ceremonies and age-old traditions that the internet has become awash with conflicting pieces of advice. And that’s before you even mention the horror stories where things have gone terribly wrong. Here’s everything you need to know to make the big day go off without a hitch.

Preparing Your Wedding Ceremony Script

Orchestrating your wedding ceremony

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1. Making It Too Much Like A Lecture

If you focus too much on the deep meaning of marriage, it’s not going to go down all that well with your audience. Of course, they’re still going to be delighted for the two of you, but no one really wants to hear about the historical significance or philosophical ramifications of tying the knot.

They want to know what it means to the two of you, no one else, and they want to be able to share in your love. With short, memorable, and moving vows you’ll be able to make sure there’s not a dry eye in the place by the end.

2. Forgetting To Ask The Congregation To Turn Off Their Phones

A script isn’t just about the vows you’ll exchange, it’s also about getting people to do what you expect of them on the biggest day of your life. Whilst a text alert or a vibrating phone isn’t going to ruin the big day, it’s certainly not going to make you smile either. Include a reminder in your printout that gets the officiant to ask that the congregation switch off their phones and leave any photographs until you have walked down the aisle and are outside.

3. Leaving The Audience To Their Own Devices

This point follows on naturally from the last, and it’s all about getting things to run smoothly so that you can exchange your vows in a calm and relaxed state of mind. With a simple prompt, you can have the officiant and the ushers show people to their seats in good time so that you’re not left waiting and wondering when the chaos is going to end. If you remember that most of your guests will be happy chatting to one another outside until you tell them otherwise, it’ll become obvious that your script needs to give them a few gentle nudges at the right time.

Plan for the rings

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4. Not Factoring In When The Rings Need To Be Ready

If the script doesn’t mention the rings, you can be sure that someone is just going to blurt it out or thrust them forward at an unfortunate moment. Factor this in and you’ll be all set to exchange vows just as smoothly and romantically as you’ve been dreaming of for all these years.

5. Using An Unnatural Flow

The words you say really do matter, which is why it’s such a shame when you hear people exchange words that don’t seem to roll naturally off the tongue. By having a professional take a closer look, you can add the final polish the big day warrants.

  • TopEssayWriting and ClassyEssay are tools for smoothing out long-form prose in a natural and efficient manner.
  • BeGraded and Studyker specialize in fast turnarounds if you want to ensure nothing is left to chance.
  • WriteScout and Subjecto are ideal if you want to have expert care and attention paid to your choice of words.
  • Grammarly and Hemingway are great if you want to do it yourself and find short and memorable turns of phrase that will stay with you for a lifetime.
Let your celebrant know about your ceremony

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6. Forgetting To Involve The Officiant In The Writing Process

As the person who will have your script in their hand, it makes sense to involve the officiant at some stage before the big day finally arrives. Ask them for their input and feedback, and they’ll be able to help you add the finishing touches to a truly memorable day.

7. Not Doing A Rehearsal So You Know Your Lines

Whilst you certainly aren’t going to be expected to memorize your lines, you definitely need to be familiar with them. It will give you that little bit of comfort and confidence that will see you through to the end if you get nervous speaking in front of people.

“There’s nothing more important than going through the script ahead of time with as many of the key people as possible. It will give you the chance to iron out any wrinkles before you walk up the aisle, and it’s also a great way to set both of you at ease” — says Estelle Leotard, a writer and lifestyle blogger for

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8. Obsessing About The Words On The Big Day, And Forgetting What It’s All About

Most importantly of all, don’t obsess about every word in the script and miss out on what really matters. Your wedding is about the two of you, no one or nothing else, and that’s what truly matters when it’s all said and done.

Take the time to enjoy it, look into each other’s eyes, and show the world just how much you mean to one another. You’re only going to get to do it the once, and it’ll be over before you know it, so why not enjoy every moment of it from beginning to end?

9. What Should You Do Next?

You could take a look at sample scripts if you’re stuck for a little bit of inspiration. They’ll make a great starting point for those of you who need a little spark to get you going.

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10. Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve heard all about the common wedding ceremony scripts you need to avoid, all you have to do is get busy putting them all into practice. It might seem a little daunting at first, but work through them step by step and you’ll have a great draft for you and your partner to read before you know it. Then it’s just a question of making a few tweaks and adjustments, and you’ll be one step closer to making the big day happen.

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