Honeymooning in Ireland

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The big moment is coming: you have plans to get married! Exciting times and certainly a need to relax after the big day. A beautiful journey is a must to seal a marriage. We are happy to share our honeymoon tips.

What are the nicest destinations for a honeymoon? You should not just celebrate a marriage. You get married only once, so the honeymoon must be very special and unique. There is a large selection of honeymoons in every budget. But where to? Tropical islands are the most popular and often the most beautiful holiday countries for a honeymoon. But you can also consider, for example, getting married in Las Vegas and combining the honeymoon with a tour of the West Coast of America. That too is an unforgettable experience. One memorable wedding trip is honeymooning in Ireland.

Honeymooning In Ireland

Green Irish countryside

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Why choose Ireland

Those looking for a honeymoon within Europe can think of sunny countries such as Croatia, Greece, Italy, Mallorca, or Ibiza. The islands in the Mediterranean offer a lot of sun guarantee and there is always a romantic atmosphere. If you want to go the adventurous direction, you can also think of northern areas for an active honeymoon such as Ireland.

Ireland knows how to cram many cool sights in a small area. It is the kind of place that reminds you of how beautiful and how strange this earth actually is. The strange basalt columns of the Giant’s Causeway, Dunluce Castle, and the Carrick-a-Rede suspension bridge. Even in one day, you can visit many of the highlights of Northern Ireland.

Ireland is one of the most special countries In Europe. There is an incredible amount to see and experience in Ireland. The beautiful unspoilt nature, in particular, makes a huge impression on tourists. The vast green hilly landscape with countless valleys and spectacular mountains provide beautiful views. But besides nature, there is much more to see in Ireland.

Visit Dublin on your Irish honeymoon

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What to do in Dublin

You actually need at least a few days to see all the beauty in the capital of Ireland. Stroll around the imaginative Dublin Bay or visit the world-famous St. James Gate brewery. Right in the center of the city is Dublin Castle, a huge and impressive castle that covers no less than 44,000 square meters. Enthusiasts of museums will also enjoy themselves in the capital of Ireland. You will find countless museums of which the Irich Museum of Modern Art is perhaps the most special. Rest in between in one of the many city parks or enjoy life in the cozy entertainment area Temple-Bar. What not many people know is that the nature around the capital is one of the most beautiful places in Ireland. You will find the Wicklow Mountains here: high steep mountains and beautiful valleys. Several beautiful walking routes run right through the area. These not only run right through nature, but also past different castles.

Enjoy Irish watersports

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Water sports for active couples

Do you not only want to visit and visit sights during your honeymoon in Ireland? Do you like to be active during your honeymoon trip? There are an incredible number of options in Ireland, especially when it comes to water sports. It is a paradise for anglers. There is plenty of (salmon) trout and pike swimming in the rivers and you can catch large cod and mackerel in the sea. There are also several beautiful places for snorkeling or diving. Prefer a little more spectacular? Then go surfing, canoeing or rafting in one of the many areas where the sea is a bit rougher and boisterous!

Pub in Belfast

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Explore Belfast during your honeymoon

Some cities immediately give you a good feeling and Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland is one of them. With the city hall as a central landmark in the city and around it many cozy shopping streets. The many nice eateries and bars with the Crown Liquor Saloon as a photogenic highlight which also contribute to a pleasant atmosphere. There is also a lot to do in Belfast such as the famous Titanic museum. Perfect for honeymoon couples.

Enjoy the beauty of Ireland

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The Giants Causeway

The Giants Causeway is one of those places that is on everyone’s bucket list so why not explore during your honeymoon.  Keep in mind that it can rain so bring an umbrella, but what is Ireland without rain? These strange octagonal basalt columns were formed during a volcano eruption and can be found in Scotland as well as in Ireland. Don’t forget to purchase your National Trust Touring Pass in advance if you want to visit the Giants Causeway and a number of other attractions in Northern Ireland.

This is how the legend came into existence, which gave the Giants Causeway its name. It is a story of two giants. There are different versions why Finn MacCoul builds a bridge to Scotland. But once he arrives, he discovers that the Scottish Benandonner is huge. He runs home and his wife Uma disguises him as a baby and cradles him. When the Scottish giant sees the baby Finn, he decides that this must be a giant and on his flight back to Scotland he destroys the bridge. Only the leftovers on both sides can still be seen.

What will you explore during your honeymoon in Ireland?

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Coupoer kissing at Charles Fort in Ireland

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