Hey Honeyfunders! Honeyfund CEO and Founder Sara Margulis here. As I welcome the new year and the next decade of my life, I’m truly astonished at the impact Honeyfund has made on nearly a million couples starting their lives together.  Those couples are starting with 1) more money in the bank for home, family and more and 2) an amazing honeymoon experience to properly celebrate their love. And THAT is the reason Honeyfund exists.

Now in 2020, we’re putting even MORE money into your wedding budget with a new category: The Wedding Fund.  Is this the same as crowdfunding your wedding? Not exactly.  Here’s how to do it right.

Ask for contributions toward specific wedding costs

Think about the aspects of your wedding that your closest friends and family might offer to help with, things like:

  • Wedding floral arrangements – $1,200
  • Reception center pieces – $600
  • Bouquet and Boutonnieres/Corsages – $600
  • Rehearsal dinner – $1,500
  • Reception music – $2,400
  • Reception beverages – $2,400
  • Reception venue fee – $5,400
  • Reception catering $5,400
  • Wedding venue fee – $600
  • Wedding photography – $3,000
  • Wedding cake – $600
  • Wedding dress – $950
  • Wedding transportation – $600

These are typical costs, and yours may vary, but you get the idea. With Honeyfund, you create custom items that describe the costs and give guests an amount to contribute. When they check out, the money goes to your bank account directly, so you get cash to spend on the wedding. (Make sure you’ve got the Bank Account payment option turned on.)

Wedding fund goes out well before the wedding invitations

Around the time you might sit down with your parents and talk about their wedding budget contribution, invite them and other close friends and family to the page with a note explaining how you’ve organized it. Again, it’s not a crowdfunding page posted to your entire social media list or folks who don’t know you. It’s a simpler way to organize and expand contributions from those who want to help.

Transforming the page into your honeyfund

When you’ve got the contributions and budget nailed, remove the Wedding Fund items from your page and start adding your honeymoon or cash gift wish list. (The wedding fund gifts you received will still be available in your honeyfund account.) Be sure this is done before sending invitations or sharing the page with your entire guest list.

Ready? Add your own custom Wedding Fund items to your honeyfund today!

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