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Just when you thought that birthday and the holidays were the only time for gift giving and receiving, your wonderful and exciting engagement calls for a wedding registry that is equally inspired!

Many couples dread the thought of registering for gifts, or put it off ’til the last moment. Don’t!

Your friends and family are delighted by the news of your upcoming wedding, and want to gift you with something that you will cherish. Most likely, the gifts will begin to come shortly after you become engaged and continue through your engagement party, bridal shower, and even your bachelorette party! Some guests will even bring them to the wedding.

Creating Your Registry

This is the one time in your adult life when you can ask for virtually anything and everything that you want, and quite possibly, receive it! Think of it as your wish list to Santa, all grown up! Take the time to think through what you need now, and also what you might want in the future!

Think you don’t need anything, based on the fact that you’ve already made a home together?

Wrong! Use your registry as an opportunity to really elevate your surroundings and infuse your daily life with little luxuries and some beautiful pieces that you will cherish for years.

Prepare your Registry

10 Great Wedding Registry Tips

Here are my Top 10 Registry Tips:

Take Inventory – For an entire week, pay close attention to all of the things that you use, or wish you had, while living your day-to-day life. As you step out of the shower and reach for a towel, pay close attention to how it looks and feels. Getting a little worn? Add a new set to your registry. Same with bed sheets, table cloths, napkins, etc. Spend time in the kitchen, but already have a gorgeous set of cast iron pans? Expand upon your love of cooking with new bakeware, mixers, or exceptional cutlery. Use this as an opportunity to get that fresh pasta maker you always wanted, the bread maker, or the novelty molds.

Do Your Research – The internet is an invaluable tool and allows you to take a little look-see at various stores and items in advance. Still, there is nothing quite like the real thing, and so I recommend a short jaunt into the stores of your choice beforehand. Go incognito and browse without the pressure of an associate – or the excitement of a registry gun! Touch, feel, hold, and handle a few things before you start zapping.

Respect Your Guests – Yes, this is your wedding, your day, and your marriage. But you must never forget about the experience of guests, and that starts long before they arrive at your wedding. While it is perfectly permissible to registry for sumptuous, opulent items from your favorite boutiques and stores, you must be mindful of the fact that not all guests can afford to (or wish to) purchase items with a three, four, or even 5 plus digit price point! There is nothing worse than making guests feel insecure, embarrassed, or offended by your registry. Always be gracious and classy, and be sure to register for items that fall within a reasonable price point. And, for a gift you receive, be sure to sincerely gush over the it, regardless of the price tag, and show your true appreciation to the giver.

Consider Every Room in the House

Couple cooking in kitchen

Plan to Get Cooking in the Kitchen – Even if you don’t cook now, you undoubtedly will as your life, family, and social circle expand. Quality cookware that is as beautiful as it is functional, appliances, mixers, dishes and flatware are all vital items when planning and hosting everything from your holiday dinners to your weekend soirees.

The Bedroom Is Your Sanctuary – Whether you are truly newlyweds or a couple that has been together forever and just now making it official, there is something about a wedding that drives couples right back into the bedroom! Register for the highest quality sheets you can, and keep seasonality in mind! Light weight sheets and a soft throw in the summer, heavier bedding in the winter, and at least two duvets or blankets that you can rotate should make the list along with pillows, soft lighting for end tables, and high-end, lightly scented candles.

Make the Bathroom Special – Every time I go to a spa I find myself standing in the space thinking, “I wish my bathroom looked / felt / smelled like this!” From artisanal soups to quality vanity pieces, plush robes, thick towels and decorative holders, the bathroom is the place where you most likely start and end your day. Include items such as towel racks and warmers, magnifying mirrors, candle sticks, and more.

Select beautiful linens

Don’t Forget Decor – Inside and Out

Your Walls Tell a Story – The one thing that each and every room has in common is that they are surrounded by walls. These surfaces envelop you, setting the tone and conveying an energy that few other things in your home will. Many couples will undoubtedly register for frames, as they are the natural decor piece and a great way to showcase your wedding photos. Include these and more by registering for artwork, large-scale mirrors, canvas, sconces, and even shelving. Walk through your home and identify the feel each room or space should have. The standard rule is to keep art and conversational pieces in the “public” areas such as the formal living room and entry way.

The Great Outdoors – My favorite trend in decorating is to take the indoors out! Register for gorgeous, weather-resistant seating arrangements, fire pits, grill pieces, candle groups, hanging lights, garden decor, pottery, and more. Whether your home is on acres of land or your access to the outside is limited to a small entry point or mini-balcony, you can create a safe haven with little more than a small pot with something green and lively, a candle, chair, and throw. 40. When it comes to security, Royal Panda leaves nothing to be desired. Due to the strict regulations within the European Union, both the game outcomes and your data are completely safe. So my Royal Panda casino experiences are consistently positive. In this respect, I can make a clear recommendation for Royal Panda. It is common that verification can take a few days, depending on the volume.

Outdoor accessories

Honeymoon Planning – If you are here, you are already checking out Honeyfund to help pay for your first vacation as a married couple; but what about all the things you need to travel in style? A complete set of luggage, carry on pieces, stylist travel wear, and accessories such as passport holders, designer document holders, hiking gear, and activity sets can all be requested and added to your list.

And my favorite rule, as always, is that there really are no rules! Register for what you love, graciously accept what you are given, and use the things around you to design the life you deserve!

Bio: Andrea Eppolito Weddings & Events: For nearly 2 decades, Andrea Eppolito has joyfully served as a wedding planner based in Las Vegas, while operating worldwide. Renowned for designing weddings with soul, that tell a story of love, of family, of friendship and of life and called “vibrant, chic, and impeccably organized” by wedding planning website Junebug Weddings, Andrea prides herself on being an advocate for her clients. Her tireless dedication is a testament to her love of weddings, allowing her to bridge the gap between wedding planner and friend. You can see more of her work at

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