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 “Here comes the bride, all dressed in white.” This line of a wedding song is music to the ears of every bride and groom waiting for their most special day. Both of them will bind their lives, with a promise to share their love and commitment.

The ceremony held during a wedding day should be well-prepared, along with the reception. The food you are going to serve should satisfy every guest. Apart from the dishes, wines also play a vital role in completing fun and enjoyment on this special occasion.

Therefore, as you prepare for your wedding day, you must decide about the type of wine you are going to serve. Unlike food, picking the right wine label needs a little more effort so it can blend well with the dishes you’re going to serve.

Below are some basic rules you must learn how to pick wines during your wedding day.

Hearty red wines with meat

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Look for the Tastiest Wine

Each wine has its own origin, with some from the most notable winemaking regions, and some from other locations. When picking wines for your wedding, you must set aside where the wine came from.

You have to make sure that you choose the one with the tastiest flavor so it can appeal to the guests. Some wines you can pick are dry reds such as Sokolin Cabernet that can genuinely impress all of your guests.

Don’t Rely on to Your Personal Flavor of Choice

Most brides and grooms tend to pick wines that appeal to their taste. They think it can work the same with the guests. Take note that every person has a different palate, and your favorite flavor may not always appeal to others. It is why you must choose a wine label that can suit everyone’s taste.

Serve a Lot of Wine Variations

A single wine flavor will never please all the guests you have at a wedding party. The best thing you can do is to pick wines with light-bodied flavor up to the full ones, depending on the kind of food you will serve.

In a wedding dinner, you expect that there are meals anchored by  meats, and full bodied wines best pair with this. On the other hand, dessert foods call for lighter wines.

Pair wedding wines with food

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Opt for Rose Wines

Some say that Rose wines are no-brainer choices when it comes to wedding parties. It may be true, but it can still stand out.

Rose wines are the most versatile type of Sparkling wines, which exude a festive summery vibe, making them perfect substitutes for the usual cocktail drinks. Also, it can pair with any type of dishes, so perhaps it’s the most practical choice.

Serve More Sparkling Wines

Sparkling wines are considered as celebratory wines. A wedding party should endow a fun, festive, and joyful celebration. With a sparkling characteristic of this wine, you, as a couple, along with your guests, can feel the essence of the ceremony you will commemorate.

Pair wedding wines with food

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Don’t Pair Champagne With a Dessert

Pairing champagne with a wedding cake, especially the Brut ones, is a common mismatch happening during a wedding party. These two elements don’t blend well with each other as it makes the taste of the cake acidic. Instead of choosing a champagne brut, you can pick a sparkling wine in a sweet label, so it tastes better in your palate.

Large Format Wines are Practical

Large format wines make an excellent economical choice during a wedding party. It has a bigger size and a larger volume that can serve many guests. You don’t have to worry about securing a lot of wine bottles to cater to all the visitors. Getting at least two or three large-format wines is enough to serve a big wedding crowd.

Take Note of the Season, Location, and Formality

Each wedding celebration varies depending on the couple’s choice. Aside from that, the location, the weather conditions, the way the wedding ceremony is celebrated are some vital factors that can affect your wedding wine choices. You must ensure the wine label you get can blend with these elements to make your wedding celebration-worthy and fun.

Wedding toast

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Every wedding celebration is a much-awaited momentous event for every couple. They spend a lot of days, even months, to make this celebration perfect. Starting with the venue, guest list until food and wine choices entail a lot of effort to make each preparation grand. With the basic rules listed above in line with choosing the right wines for your wedding, you are sure that you keep your marriage fun and memorable.

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