When you’re planning your honeymoon, everyone immediately thinks of the destination – somewhere beautiful and exotic.  But what about those of us who don’t desire to travel far and want to stay near? Honeymoons aren’t always about where we go, but what we do when we get there.













For those of us looking forward to doing all the things on our honeymoon, Groupon has us covered!  These are some of our most favorite and budget-friendly activities that can be found at most honeymoon destinations.

Wine Tasting

Do you love sampling something new?  Groupon’s Wine Tasting deals and coupons will let you search by location to find great wine packages.  Some include an appetizer, some allow you to take home a bottle or two and all of them give you a taste.  Maybe wine isn’t your thing, that’s okay!  Groupon has you covered with other spirit tastings such as great beer flight deals.


Do you love exploring?  You could spend a romantic night on a dinner cruise, enjoy a day on the water during a dolphin excursion, soar through the sky during helicopter flying lessons, or enjoy a nice historic tour.  On Groupon’s Sightseeing & Tours section, you’ll find all of this and more, depending on which destination your heart takes you.


Relaxation – something I think we can all agree on.  What better way to kick off your marriage than with a massage?  And I’m not referring to just any massage.  Groupon’s Local Massage section offers every massage category you could imagine, from deep tissue, to full body, to reflexology and the popular honeymoon choice – couples’ massage.

Live Events

Do you love to be a part of the action?  Groupon’s Live Events section offers the best entertainment for any area you visit.  From concerts or comedy shows, to sporting events and more, you and your beau are sure to find something fun and excitement.

Not sure where to stay?  Your honeymoon plans could take you to South Lake Tahoe, CA for wine tasting, San Juan, Puerto Rico for sightseeing, Klamath Falls, OR for a massage or Miami Beach, FL for entertainment, you’ll find the perfect (and affordable) honeymoon activities to make all your newlywed memories come true.

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Looking to plan a romantic honeymoon? Duh! Who wouldn’t want a romantic honeymoon? Groupon Getaways is a great way to not only find that perfect honeymoon destination but find that great place that is going to deliver ALL the romance.

What’s more romantic than booking an incredible honeymoon and saving tons of money? Groupon Getaways offers a wide variety of all-inclusive, adult-only locations to give you the best honeymoon options across the U.S. and Caribbean. Bundling airfare and stay saves you hundreds of dollars keeping more of your Honeyfund in our wallet to spend on honeymoon experiences or to put toward planning that next great getaway together.

Saving money on your honeymoon can definitely be a stress reliever, but there are other things you can do to alleviate the stress of travel planning to focus more on love and relaxation. If you’re not a well-seasoned traveler, your comfort level with the common stresses of travel, such as layovers, connections, language barriers, etc. might be a lot lower. Here are some helpful tips to make travel less stressful to allow room for more romance.

  1. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time if you have a connecting flight. When you’re booking your travel, pay attention to how much time you between each flight. If you have never experienced what it’s like to make a connection, give yourself plenty of time to make that next flight. Go for layovers that are at least an hour and a half long or more to have time to catch your breath and get to your gate.

  1. Want to experience another country, but don’t know the language? It’s easy to see the stress that can come with having to try to enjoy your honeymoon while overcoming language barriers. Learn basic phrases in the native language of your honeymoon destination that will help you get around the city and communicate with some ease with hotel employees, taxi drivers and more. If you want to be SUPER comfortable, you and your new spouse can always use some of your Honeyfund to take a language course via software or an app. It’s a great bonding experience and allows you both to be more confident when communicating in your honeymoon country. Plus, languages can be VERY romantic.

  1. If you plan to honeymoon in a different country, you’ll have to go through Customs both entering your honeymoon destination and coming back home. Customs is really nothing to fret but long lines can eat up time you could be on a beautiful beach sipping out of a coconut. Apps like Mobile Passport or Global Entry can help ease and expedite the customs process in getting your honeymoon started faster and with less stress.

So, don’t stress honeymoon planning. Focus on the romance of taking a honeymoon and finding the best place to go. The perfect, romantic honeymoon is just a click away.


Find your ideal honeymoon destination with Groupon Getaways now.



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