rei outdoor honeymoon

If your honeymoon plan includes camping, hiking, biking or other outdoor activities, here is what you need to know about planning an outdoor honeymoon.


Gear could make or break your experience. You want to make sure you have all the gear you need. Create a list of the activities you plan on doing, and what the weather will be like during your adventures, to figure out exactly what you will need. Try not to skimp when it comes to gear. You don’t want to chance something breaking or not working correctly.

Thankfully our partners at REI have all the gear you will need for any and all outdoor activities. We highly recommend their top-rated gear, which you can register for on their new registry option. Plus, you can link your REI registry to your honeyfund so guests can help with the costs associated with the gear.

Here’s a list of the Top 10 Items couples register for when it comes to gear and some great packing lists if you’re not sure what you’ll need.


When it comes to doing outdoor activities, you want to pick the right location and the best season for your activities. Research where you plan to go and double check that what you have in mind is possible in that location as you may be limited for different activities (mountains to hike, trails to cycle on, campgrounds, etc). Being outdoors exposes you to the elements so it may not be the best idea to camp in Colorado during the winter. Make sure that the weather of the location for the time you are expecting to go matches with what you have planned.

Checking your experience level is also extremely important. You don’t want to end up realizing halfway through your hike that the terrain is getting harder and you’re not prepared or have the experience to get to the top. Stay within your comfort zone when it comes to your honeymoon.


If you’re looking to partake in a few different activities during your stay, you’ll want to write it all out prior to your bookings. This will help you identify which activities you can fit in during your stay and which ones you can do without. Plus, knowing what accommodations are available is key to planning an outdoor honeymoon.


Our partners at REI can help you with location, timing, itinerary and staying within your experience level with their REI Adventures. With trips for all experience levels, a wide variety of activities and many locations, you’re bound to find something that sparks your interest. It takes the hassle out of planning and we highly recommend it!


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Honeymoon in Tahiti Honeyfund

The Islands of Tahiti are known for their breathtaking emerald lagoons and island vibes.

But what really makes The Islands of Tahiti #TravelGoals is the immersion into the French Polynesian culture and cuisine.

Be Pure, Be Wise & the Mana will Live in You

Once you step into The Islands of Tahiti you are welcomed and pulled into the swing of the Polynesian lifestyle. The current generation of Tahitians has inherited a rich and expressive culture from their ma’ohi ancestors. The most important aspect of life to the Tahitians is their Mana. Mana is explained as purity and wisdom and they live by the saying, “Be pure, be wise and the Mana will live in you”.

Dance is Art in Motion

Tahitians give voice to their Mana through dance and rhythms. Their dance and music celebrates the resilience of the Polynesian culture to overcome and maintain their sacred expressions of life. They use percussion and string instruments to create their music. They can also be seen clacking together stones, shells, penu or coconuts.

Their songs are a cross between religious hymns and chants. Depending on which island(s) you’re exploring, you may hear the same hymn, but each island and district has its own interpretation of these hymns. Hymns are also accompanied by dancing. The most famous of their dances is the otea, which is choreographed around a theme. They also have the aparima, where the hands of the dancers mime history, the hivinau, and the pa’o’a. You will find yourself mesmerized by the energy of these traditions.

Tastebuds on Fire

The benefit of having fantastic weather all year round is the abundance of fruits, spices and vegetables grown by local farmers. The cuisine is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. It’s flavorful, vibrant and nutritious.

Most fish dishes (perch, mahi mahi, and parrot fish) are served raw and almost everything incorporates coconut in some way, which makes it turn out deliciously creamy. Their desserts also feature coconut, along with fresh vanilla from the local plantations. You will be exposed to most, if not all, of their traditional recipes at the various restaurants and food trucks on the islands.


The Islands of Tahiti is not just a breathtaking, picture-perfect country. It’s rich with culture and delicious traditional cuisine. Immerse yourself into Polynesian traditions when you visit The Islands of Tahiti.

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