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So you’re currently planning your wedding and everything’s going fine. You’ve selected some of your vendors, you’ve picked your wedding outfits, you’ve decided on a colour scheme, you’ve even chosen your menu options, like I said, everything’s going fine. But if we’re being honest, there’s a niggling feeling at the back of your mind that your wedding is going to be a little¦well¦samey. You’ve read all the common sense stuff about how you’re getting married to the one you love and that’s all that matters…yada yada yada but the niggle is still there. And it’s not that you want some kind of wacky, themed wedding or anything, you just want your wedding to reflect you and be different from everybody else’s!

Creative Ways To Personalise Your Wedding

Well never fear, below we’ve compiled 10 easy ways to personalise your wedding to make sure your wedding screams that’s so_______ (insert your name here) and your guests leave suitably impressed!

1.¯ Put monograms on everything.

Monogram everything

Not literally everything, but having a monogram and including it on your stationery and signage is one of the easiest way to personalise your wedding and tie everything together. By using monograms, you’ll have a thread running through your wedding from the very start when guests receive their invitations to the table numbers on their tables and the thank you cards they receive afterwards.

 2.¯ Play with tradition.

Play with tradition

There are no rules that state your wedding has to go a certain way. Well, there are few things you have to do to make the marriage official but aside from those, you are completely free to inject your personality, likes and dislikes into every aspect of your wedding. So if you can’t stand speeches, guess what, you don’t have to have any! And when it comes to the ceremony, you can write your own wedding ceremony and if that sounds like too much then just stick to writing your own vows.

3.¯ Get your loved ones involved.

Get loved ones involved

Can your mother-in-law sew? Buy some beautiful, unusual fabric and let her turn it into napkins for the tables. No one else will have it, you’ll get brownie points with your mother-in-law and she’ll get to feel like part of the wedding. Is your sister a great saxophone player? Get her to play a quick set during dinner. Think of ways to incorporate your loved ones’ gifts and talents to make the day feel even more special.

4.¯ Create a signature cocktail.

Signature cocktail

If you’re having a limited bar at your wedding then signature cocktails are a great way to introduce an additional drink option, but still keep things simple. Have fun picking a great name for the cocktail, maybe a mash-up of both your names, your Instagram hashtag or a funny play on words. Here are some cocktail ideas to get you started. 

5.¯ Pick wedding entertainment that’s right up your street.

Pick local wedding entertainment
A great way to incorporate your personalities and thrill your guests at the same time is through your choice of wedding entertainment, if you’re a multicultural couple, you could incorporate your culture by having African drummers or a small Bollywood dance troop perform. Or if your first date was at a stand up comedy bar, why not have a local comedian come and do a set during the reception? When it comes to entertainment, just think about what you really enjoy outside of wedding planning world and find a way to include it in your day.

6.¯ Think of some unique escort cards.

Unique escort cards
Is your fiance a known golf nut? Did you have a long distance relationship? Do you put ketchup on everything?. This can all be incorporated into your escort cards. Have some fun thinking outside the box!

7.¯ Get creative with your wedding cake topper.

Unique cakes

The cake is often the star of the show at a wedding, after the couple of course! It usually takes pride of place at the reception so it’s a great opportunity to add some of your humour or do something a little different!

8.¯ Don’t forget your bridal party.

Gifts for bridemaids

Gifts for groomsmen
Give your best girls and guys a personalised gift that they won’t forget to thank them for being part of your wedding. Here are some ideas to get you started.

9.¯ Include loved ones who can’t be there.

Bride reaching out to missing loved one
Weddings can be a really poignant time as we remember friends and family that are no longer with us and there are lots of lovely ways you can make sure they are part of the wedding day in a big or small way. One idea is to pin their photos on to your bouquet. Go here for lots of other suggestions. 

10.¯ Just be you!

Just be you!

The final tip is somewhat of a catch all. The easiest way to personalise your wedding is to just be yourself. This is easier said than done when various options are being waved in your face by eager wedding vendors. But one of the best tips I can offer is to write down a few statements about who you and your fiance are at the beginning of your wedding planning. Keep coming back to those statements every time you feel things getting a bit samey and you won’t go wrong!

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