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Wedding Wednesday ep 25 – Food trucks! Fork Roadhouse & Catering w/ guest Sarah Piccolo

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Using Food Trucks at your Wedding Reception


Wondering about using food trucks for your wedding catering? Our special guest Sarah Piccolo, owner of Fork Roadhouse and Catering, has all the info for you!

First off, a food truck is like bringing a commercial kitchen anywhere you need one! The truck can either be a part of the guests experience, or just serve as a mobile kitchen to make the food happen. 🙂

Top tips:

  1. Think about the number of guests
    1. Small list: Guests can order from the truck and pick up directly
    2. Very large wedding: Think half buffet, half truck, or get more than one truck!
  2. Get a truck that’s insured so public parks will allow it – and definitely support your parks!
  3. Have fun with it! Build a menu with your caterer that makes the meal fun for guests.
  4. Is your food truck run by a caterer? Do they have a plan for the size of your guest list?  Did you tell them about any tricky roads, bridges, etc?
  5. If you’ve communicated well, let go and let your food truck caterer do their thing!

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Join Sara next Wednesday, June 29  back at Honeymoon Headquarters. Please share with your friends (@honeyfund on Periscope). If you missed it you can watch the replay on YouTube:

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