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 For those who love video games, there are a lot of fascinating gaming topics to bond over. Enthusiastic discussions can bring people closer and, in some cases, even ignite love.

Think about it this way: have you ever tried to win real money from an online casino? Winning is a matter of pure luck, and finding a perfect soulmate can sometimes feel the same. But with similar interests, it’s almost like you have a welcome bonus to start out with. You can both skip the small talk and move right to topics that showcase your exciting, passionate personalities. And fast forward: if you fall so madly in love that you decide to marry, pick a theme of the wedding that celebrates what brought you together. That’s right: make it geeky.

Here are some of the best ways to pull this off:

Focus on Who You Really Are

Wedding planning has so many traditions that it can easily get overwhelming. Your parents probably have a lot of ideas about what a standard ceremony should look like. They might have shown you photos from their own big day a million times. But this is the moment to stay true to yourself and express the uniqueness of your relationship. If the regular white dress and a rose bouquet are not for you, feel free to go for something more interesting. Making gaming the central theme of the wedding calls for a bit quirkier and more fun style.

gamers get married in costumePick the Right Details

Using elements from your favorite games can make a memorable and stylish wedding, but it also requires some extra effort. The good news is that if you’re passionate about gaming, the whole process becomes way more fun. For example, you can use characters from all the different games you’ve enjoyed when drawing up the table plan. And searching for all the cool gaming-related items to spice up this event can be quite exciting for a regular player. For example, believe it or not, but you can get an actual Minecraft pixel sword from Amazon. Try using it to cut the cake later. It may not be the most effective kitchen appliance, but it perfectly sets the wedding tone.

Do a Lot by Yourself

Listen, no one knows the video games you love better than you. So, whenever you can, try to take part in projects that contribute to your wedding decor. If possible, make the stationery yourself. It’s a great way to practice some artistic skills, maybe even start with graphic design, and get the wedding invitations exactly the way you want it. The best part is that the guests will know what the style is going to be like. That way, no one will be too surprised to see the pixel sword or the unique bridal dress.

The Wedding Dress

It’s time to forget the traditional white. Who has been your favorite female video game character of all time? Is it Princess Peach, Zelda, or Aloy? Try to find a dress looking just like theirs. If needed, combine the look with the items found in your closet, Amazon, or local market. And yes, you can replace the good old veil with a whooshy cape. It’ll not only look awesome but also keep you warm if your wedding is coming up in autumn.

games with gaming themesThe Sweet Cake

Choosing the right cake is probably the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they think about how to plan a wedding. Its design sets the mood and atmosphere of the entire event. So needless to say, you should take part in the decoration. The cool thing is that the best cake makers are really good at bringing their clients’ visions to life. You can supply them with a simple concept drawing, and they’ll use their skills to make it exactly the way you want it.


A quirky game-themed wedding is a perfect way to go for two game-loving lovers. Don’t worry too much about breaking with traditions. Keep it fun and light, and feel free to celebrate the uniqueness of your love story. Give our advice a go and go full-on geeky with your upcoming wedding. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.

What do you think of our tips on planning a geeky gamer wedding? Have we provided you with ideas to get more creative with your upcoming big day? Leave comments below!

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BIO: Thomas Glare is a game lover. He lives in Massachusetts, and when he’s not studying hard to make his life-long dream of joining NASA come true, he also endeavors in creative tech freelance copywriting.


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