Want to spruce up your home to prepare for married life? Whether you’re first moving in or you’ve lived together for ages, use our four tips….

  1. Measure your rooms, Make it easy on yourselves and simply measure the length x width x height of each new room that you will be buying new furniture for. This one little preparation can make it easy for the delivery of your new furniture, and save you the huge hassle of returning furniture that may not fit.
  1. Choose a color palette, Picking a color palette will set a tone for every room from the bedroom, living room, kitchen and even the bathroom. Let’s face it: one person may love hot pink but to another it’s an eye sore. Choose colors that you both agree on to create a home that feels good for you both to be living in.
  1. Make compromises, You may love a simple look while your honey likes it big and bold. If the giant couch isn’t something you were hoping for, but your spouse can’t live without it, make a compromise. This is also a good time to list your deal breakers. Flat screen TV? Sure. Entertainment center taking up the entire living room? No way.
  1. Shop as a couple – Shopping together will save you a ton of time, and truly get the things you both want. Oh, and want to toss some of those ugly old things before moving in? This is a good time to get rid of the things you and your significant other could really live without to make room for the new stuff to bring in.

Use these simple tips when it comes to shopping for your indoor furniture – your dining room table, entertainment center, couch and more.

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