Come to Jamaica for your destination wedding

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As the third largest island in the Caribbean. Jamaica is a popular choice for destination weddings.  Jamaica has continuously been at the top of the destination wedding list for many reasons.

Top 10 Reasons To Plan A Destination Wedding In Jamaica!

1. It’s easy to get married!

Couples have to be on the island for 24 hours, provide ID and fill out paperwork. There are NO blood tests needed and NO documents to be translated(if they are English).

Listen to Jamaican music


2. The music

Jamaican’s have a massive amount of much talent for such a little island.  Amazing music and lively bands.

Delicious Jamaican food

3. The food

Jamaican’s have unique, interesting, and delicious foods and menus.  They also have a lot of vegetarian options, which can be very helpful for weddings.

4. The culture

It’s something different.  They do things differently, speak differently and there is always something interesting happening.

Gorgeous Jamaican beach

5. The beach

Beaches are amazing in Jamaica and there are a lot of options from long stretches of white sand to private coves.

Great prices in Jamaica

6. The price

There are a lot of amazing options that include many different price ranges.  From hotels to all-inclusive resorts, from rooms to villas, there is something for everyone’s budget.

7. Jamaican’s speak English

If you speak English, there is no frustration in translating or getting your message across. (Other languages are spoken on the island but very limited)

8. The water is safe!

You see in You can drink from the taps and not worry about getting sick from the water.

Beautiful photography backgrounds

9. Amazing backdrop for wedding photos

Lush gardens, rolling mountains, beautiful beaches, and breathtaking sunsets.

Plenty to do in Jamaica

10. Jamaica has so much to do.

Wedding groups could never be bored.  From riding horses in the Caribbean sea to rafting in the river, the adventures are endless.


We look forward to hosting your destination wedding in Jamaica!


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