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Wedding season is in full swing in 2020, making it easy to spot the trends for this year’s crop of blushing brides. From individuality to a focus on color, nearly anything goes in the year 2020. Here are six of the top bridal trends for 2020 to consider for your special day.

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Non-Traditional Wedding Attire

Brides no longer feel limited to a frilly dress as they embark on this new journey. Nontraditional wedding attire is becoming more popular with brides wanting to make a statement or embrace a contemporary lifestyle. Some of the most common choices in 2020 are classy jumpsuits, flowing skirts, and sophisticated pantsuits. Embellished blazers, romantic capes, and fitted jackets are also making a splash on wedding aisles everywhere. It is important to remember that this is your day and you should wear something that is an expression of your own personality and style. By wearing what is comfortable for you, you will shine with confidence.

Different bridesmaids dresses

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Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses

Brides are increasingly choosing to let their bridesmaids have control over their dresses. Rather than choosing one style and color for everyone, many brides are choosing a basic color scheme and letting the bridesmaids select a style that appeals to them. The biggest benefit of giving this control to the bridesmaids is that they can choose a style that is most flattering and comfortable for them. As long as there are a few defining elements to tie the dresses together, the bridesmaids can enjoy control over their own personal look.

Nude shoes

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Do not make the mistake of investing so much time and money into the actual dress but forgetting to give the shoes the same amount of attention. The bridal shoes are the finishing touch on your complete look for the day. Extending the modern look to the shoes is a popular trend in 2020. Nude heels add a touch of flirtiness and style to any pair of bridal shoes. For example, nude heels match well with almost every dress and add a sense of femininity to bring the whole look together. Be sure to check out Bella Belle shoes for a wide array of bridal shoes.

Minimalist wedding dress

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Minimalist Design

When it comes to bridal trends for 2020, it is clear that less is more for many brides. Sparked by the minimalist design of Meghan Markle’s 2018 wedding dress, many brides are still choosing this route when designing their look for the big day. To achieve this simplistic design, choose materials such as silk or satin. Clean lines and simple designs will take the focus off of the actual dress and put it on the glowing bride wearing it. Sheaths with minimal embellishments are a good choice if your goal is to wear an understated dress.

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No longer is a bride expected to wear a traditional white dress as they waltz down the aisle. Color is king in 2020. If you want to stand out from the crowd while still keeping with a classic vibe, you may want to consider using a subtle cream, blush, or pastel yellow hue for your dress. Or you can choose to go bold with a dress that is red, black, or another daring hue. Choosing a color that is nontraditional is a perfect way to make a statement.

Dress with high-low hem

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High-Low Hemlines

You can add a touch of pizzaz to a traditional wedding dress with the contemporary high-low hemline. Not only is this slit sexy, but it also breaks up the monotony of a long dress. This type of hemline works well with a myriad of fabrics and styles, making it a versatile addition to many types of dresses. As a bonus, a high-low hemline also allows you to show off your fancy bridal shoes. You can choose to go with a simple straight hemline or you can add a touch of flair with ruffled trimming.

Staying on top of the latest bridal trends will ensure that you are looking your best for this momentous occasion. The most important thing is to focus on the trends that are already a true reflection of your personality and as your identity as a couple.



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