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Bridal showers are literally what every bride has been waiting for and these bridal shower games will ensure that your girls have the time of their lives. It is an ongoing tradition that the bridesmaids organize a party for the bride before her wedding and spend some quality time with her. This surely is a special moment for the bride and her friends, and it should be memorable to all of you.

Bridal shower games are just to add some fun element to the party and give you some wonderful memories to cherish. It is a great way to kickstart the wedding festivities and well, this is like a stressbuster for the bride. Don’t you think so too? Now, ShaadiWish fairies have sorted some super amazing games for your bridal shower to make it a hit.

Check Out Some Really Cool Bridal Shower Games That You Must Consider For Your Bachelorette

1. He Said, She Said

 To kick start it, make a list of things that they have done together and ask your guests who took the initiative to do it so. The person with maximum guesses definitely knows well and wins.

he said she said game form2. What’s In Your Purse?

 Another fun game that we came across. Make a list of things that girls usually have in their purses and aloot points to them, whoever has the maximum points wins the game.

What's in the purse game


3. Would She Rather?

 How cool is this bridal shower game where the bridesmaids decide to choose what the bride would do between two options? Well, obviously who gets the maximum points, wins the game.

would she rather game form

4. Drink If For Bridal Shower Games

This is much like ‘Never Have I Ever’ where you take a sip if you have done that thing and the one who has done everything in Round 1 is bound to take a shot. Isn’t it a fun drinking game and we bet your bridesmaids are going to love this one.

Drink if game form

5. How Well Do You Know The Bride?

 Another question-answer game, where a list of questions are prepared and the bride’s answers are written and kept aside. Now, the bridesmaids are asked to answer the questions and well who knows all of them gets to be the winner.

How well do you know the bride

6. Bachelorette Party Ideas

This one is literally our favorite and tops the list. Pop open your favorite bottle of wine or champagne and have your girls play pong with it.

champagne pong

7. Paper Bride

 This game is just the best and we bet you all will die laughing. The rules of the game say that the girls have to divide themselves into teams and have to make a wedding dress using the toilet paper. The bride finally gets to decide her favorite and that team wins.

Toilet paper bride game

8. Bride Emoji Pictionary

 The rules to this game are very simple, the girls have to guess the word according to the image given and the one who gets the most right answers, wins the game

Bridal pictionary game

9. The Cherry Game

 We assure you that this bridal shower game will be the most memorable to all of you. The girls have to find the cherry kept in a bowl wrapped in whipped cream without using their hands.

We hope these bridal shower games were helpful to you and you would surely want to include these for your bachelorette party. We know how you and your girls have been desperately waiting for this time and you really don’t want to spoil it so gear up now as we have sorted all the games for you and get ready to have the time of your life with your favorite girl gang.

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