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Tea is the world’s most consumed beverage next to water, and there is no doubt why! It is refreshing, calming, and relaxing and does not contain as much caffeine as coffee does. [Some teas do not contain caffeine at all.]

Drinking tea is also a warm friendship gesture. It marks hospitality and a warm welcome.

It’s been a part of traditions, rituals, and cultures for many years, too. Now, it’s also becoming popular as a part of a healthy lifestyle in many countries.

If you’re a tea lover and honeymooner, you might be looking for the best destinations for tea drinkers like you. Here are some destination ideas.

Best Worldwide Honeymoon Destinations for Tea Lovers

Tea in Istanbul

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Istanbul, Turkey

Traveling to Istanbul for your honeymoon is a rewarding experience.

In the city, you will find famous cafes that show much the Turkish people love tea. This place is known for amazing teashops that you and your sweetheart can visit. It has the famous teashop named after Pierre Loti, a novelist who was also a former city resident. This popular tea garden is a must-visit honeymoon destination for tea lovers.  It is perched on top of a hillside graveyard, which is remarkable for its marble gravestones and cypress trees.

There are also many humble teashops to spend a lazy afternoon on when in Istanbul.   Other places to visit in Turkey for tea include the Leander’s Tower, Ortaköy, Çamlıca Hill, and the Galata Tower and the Tea House.

Be prepared to feel nostalgic surrounded by great sceneries.

So if you’re in love tea and just got married, include Istanbul in one of your honeymoon destinations.

Tea in Hangzhou

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Hangzhou, China

China is one of the most known origins of tea drinking culture in the world.  Tea is life in this part of the globe. In fact, it has been closely linked with this country’s culture. A popular destination for tea lovers and honeymooners alike is Hangzhou. Tea is abundant especially near the Pacific Ocean and in the eastern portion of China, the Zhejiang Province.

Hangzhou has so much to offer in terms if you love green tea. It has a famous tea called the Dragon Well and has a remarkable history being the imperial capital thousands of years ago.

Lastly, don’t forget to check out the Hangzhou Tea Museum to know more about China’s tea culture. It is among the plantation fields to find in Hangzhou. Hit this place when you visit China for your honeymoon.

High tea in London

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London, England

London is one of the best honeymoon destinations for tea lovers who can have an unforgettable tea experience in the place where the tea-drinking tradition is said to have started.

[History had it that eating little snacks and drinking tea between meals was started by one of Queen Victoria’s friends.]

When in London for your honeymoon, make sure that you check out the Sketch tearoom. It is located in the famous Mayfair neighborhood.  Choose from one of the unique and eccentric tearooms, each with its theme. But if you lack time, you can also enjoy your tea while on board the B Bakery bus tour that teaches tourists about the Big Ben and the Buckingham Palace.

What’s more interesting is that this tea on wheels can also accommodate different diets including halal and gluten-free.

Tea in Delhi India

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Delhi, India

Aside from China, India is also known for its thousands of years of relationship with tea.  This drink is a part of India’s culture and traditions.

One of the most known honeymoon destinations here is Delhi where many honeymooners begin their honeymoon.  For tea lovers, they visit the T’pot Café (Malviya Nagar) where they can find some of the best oolong teas and Masala chi teas in addition to virtually all any tea that you want.

If you love an antioxidant herbal tea or bubble teas, you might also want to check out the Too Mikki Tapas (Chanakyapuri).

You can also go to Delhi’s five-star tea lounge, the Wagh Bakri Tea Lounge (Pitampura) that also has its branch in Mumbai. This place is known for offering more than 50 teas to choose from and enjoy.

Tea in Dublin

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Dublin, Ireland

This city is more than just a place for having a cold beer but also for tea.  Dublin is a great spot for doing shopping and having a traditional local breakfast.

Honeymooners and tea lovers hitting place enjoy their cup of tea especially on a chilly day when they don’t feel like drinking alcoholic beverages.

Check out the Bewley’s for your warm cup of tea and a good conversation. You can go to other tea drinking spots like the Clement and Pekoe, The Shelbourne and the Wall and Keogh.

If you’re a tea lover looking for that perfect honeymoon destination, make sure to include one of these cities that offer the best herbal teas in the world no matter what your cup of tea is.  Visit them and have a memorable honeymoon journey!

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Tea for two

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