Updated April 22, 2021

You’ve been invited to a 2020 wedding that’s been canceled or postponed: What’s the wedding gift etiquette? We’ve heard this question frequently, and the answer depends on the couple’s reschedule plans. But in most cases, it’s helpful to send a gift as soon as you can, both to you (get it off your to-do list) and the couple (they’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness during this stressful time).

If You Haven’t Already Gifted, Now Is The Time 

With so many couples going through the chaos of planning their rescheduled events, now is the time to send your gift. You can best show your love and support by sending your gift while it’s at the top of your mind. Of course, if you already sent one gift, there’s no expectation you’ll send a second. But if you plan to, we recommend checking their honeyfund or registry to see whether their plans or needs have changed. A lot can happen in a year!

Ceremony Now, Reception Later

Many couples (about 25% of Honeyfunders) are opting to have a wedding ceremony on their originally scheduled date and a second celebration next year. In this case, consider the time, expense, and hardship they’re going through. Your gift to their honeyfund or even a simple gift card will be welcome. Send it as close to their original wedding date or actual ceremony date as you can swing.

Since the wedding’s already happened, should you bring a gift to the reception? A reception gift is not expected, especially if you’ve already given a wedding gift. It’s 100% up to you! Our best advice is to give a small token gift in honor of the event. The newlyweds will definitely appreciate your kindness.  

Ceremony Now, No Reception Later

A smaller group of couples (about 8% of Honeyfunders) are opting to skip the traditional wedding day altogether in favor of a small at-home or virtual ceremony. Send a gift as soon as you learn they were officially married.

Postponed the Big Day

If your couple has said they are postponing the entire event until a later date, it’s ok to wait to give your gift until closer to the new wedding date. However, sending your gift now has two benefits; 1) It’s something you won’t have to worry about later, and 2) the couple will be very appreciative of your thoughtfulness.

Canceled Altogether

If your couple has decided to split and not get married at all, you obviously won’t need to send a gift. If you already did, the couple will likely return it to you unless you insist otherwise. If you want to send a token of support to either or both, a Honeyfund Gift Card is nearly as flexible as cash.



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