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Most of us dream of exchanging wedding vows with only one person in our lifetime. But it doesn’t always happen for many reasons, such as divorce, annulment, or death. Getting married for the second time may differ in some ways with the first marriage, but it doesn’t make it any less special.

If it’s your second time getting married, perhaps the first question that comes to your mind is how you are going to make it different. Surely, you don’t want to go the traditional way. From the wedding dress to the theme, venue, and style, you can pull off a beautiful second wedding with these trends:

7 Trends For Second Marriages

Have a destination wedding

Go For A Destination Wedding.

Getting married and traveling is two of the best things in life. Why not make them happen at the same time? Instead of traditional hometown weddings, more and more couples are choosing to exchange vows in a beautiful, memorable destination such as a remote island, on a hilltop, in a vineyard, or at the white-sand beaches in the Caribbean.

Make It More Intimate.

Your second wedding may not be as extravagant as your first one, but it should nevertheless feel more intimate. People who have been married twice often realize that having a long guest list is not always a good idea. What is more important is to have those who are closest to you. Intimate weddings are the next big thing.

Choose a face-framing veil

Choose Face-Framing Veils.

Full-length veils are used by brides in traditional first weddings because they represent youth and innocence. For second marriages, brides can opt for face-framing veils or long veils that do not cover the face.

Have A Unique Registry.

Instead of a traditional wedding registry that includes cookware and home furniture, why not choose a honeymoon registry or a home improvement fund? Or, you can consider a charitable registry which will surely make you and your guests feel great.

Yes, You Can Go White.

Just because it’s your second wedding doesn’t mean you can no longer wear that beautiful, long white gown you’ve been fancying. You can wear whatever color or design you want. You can play with different textures and embellishments to make your wedding dress a standout. But experts recommend that you should stick to light embellishments. Simple wedding gowns for second weddings are popular these days. Or, if you don’t want the traditional wedding dress, you can always try something different and look glamorous and sexy. What you wear will depend on the level of formality of your wedding. It shouldn’t be about pleasing other people’s eyes, rather enhancing your beauty.

Add color to your wedding

Make It Colorful.

Let the colors bloom in your wedding, from your dress/attire to the reception decorations, bouquets, invitations and announcements, table linens, and even your wedding cake. Your second wedding is a happy one and should symbolize a happier beginning. Apart from the colors, play with the design. Whatever theme you pick, it should perfectly match your personality as a couple. Among all the trends, a personalized wedding will always be ‘in’. Plan your wedding in a way that it will reflect both your personalities and interests, from your save-the-dates and invitations to the ceremony, program, and even your giveaways.

Involve your kids

Involve The Kids!

If you or your spouse-to-be has children from their first marriage, you want them to be a special part of your wedding. It doesn’t just make your marriage more meaningful, it’s also a great way to deepen the bond between you and the kids. Depending on their age, let them play special roles, such as the flower girl/ring bearer, bridesmaid or groomsman, and best man or maid of honor.

Second Wedding Expenses & Financing Options

You might ask – who pays for a second wedding? Traditionally, the bride’s family picks up the tab, covering major expenses like the reception, ceremony, bride’s dress, photography, and transportation. In second weddings, however, most couples choose to split the cost. Don’t expect family and relatives to chip in the way they contributed to your first wedding. If they offer, however, it’s definitely okay to say ‘yes’.

And because it’s going to be on you and your future spouse, the wedding expenses can be overwhelming. Saving for the big day is the best thing to do. The more time you have to save up and prepare, the more fabulous your second wedding will be. There are also financing options that couples can resort to if they find themselves lacking in funds. But of course, there’s no such thing as ‘wedding loan’. You can’t go to your bank and borrow money to fund your wedding. However, you can take out cash advance online for wedding costs. Whatever you choose, always remember that it is possible to have an amazing wedding on any budget, no matter where you live or plan to have your ceremony.

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