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WeddingWednesday: ep 29 – Craft beer and DIY fun guest book idea!

By August 15, 2016 July 17th, 2019 3 Comments

Hi everyone!  Thanks again for tuning in for another #WeddingWednesday.  Today we tasted some delicious craft beer and talked about a fun DIY guestbook idea.

Signature Cocktail: Local Craft Beer

Craft beer has become so popular in recent years, many wedding guests prefer beer to wine or cocktails.  Here at Honeyfund we really love the idea of supporting local industries and think featuring local breweries at your wedding is a great way to do that.

DIY: Date Night Guest Book


This fun and creative idea not only serves as a guest book but will help you as a couple create many memories, here at Honeyfund believe that the happiest couples are the ones who continue to share experiences together!  The idea is that each guest contributes an idea for a fun date night, picnic at the beach, a cooking class etc.


  1. Picture frame
  2. Printed instructions
  3. Jar or vase
  4. Ribbon
  5. Large craft sticks
  6. Sharpies


  1. Print instructions
  2. Place in frame
  3. Decorate jar with ribbon
  4. Place framed instructions, Jar, sticks and sharpies on a table where guests will easily see them
  5. ENJOY!

Destination of The Month!

Honeyfund is excited to announce our new Destination of the Month feature.  Each month we will be highlighting an amazing honeymoon destination and bringing you exclusive deals to that destination.  Our destination this month is the Azores!  Check out our home page for details on this amazing destination.

Thanks for hanging with us again on#WeddingWednesday! Join Sara and Caitie in two weeks Wednesday, October 5 for more #WeddingWednesday fun. Make sure you check out our extensive Pinterest boards, including a great one on wedding cocktails!

If you missed today’s broadcast, you can watch the replay on YouTube:

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Sara & Caitie


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