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This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

When it comes to picking the wedding dress, the brides often spend hours, days or even months to find inspiration. Then they try many dresses to finally say “yes to the dress”. Lots of time and effort to wear something once. But all the brides do it as they want to feel special on their wedding day, nothing wrong with that.

The same goes for picking your dinner menu. Lots of trying, lots of testing – and there it is – the perfect menu. Of course, you want to impress your guests and enjoy the meal on your wedding day. So, the dinner is served, consumed and gone.

Wedding album with photosWhy Invest In a Wedding Album?

You’re going to ask – “Ok, so what will I have left after the wedding?” You’re going to have memories. You’re going to have moments to remember. If you planned your wedding from a to z you have definitely thought about a photographer. And my advice to you – get a professional. Working in a photo lab and seeing many wedding albums I can honestly say – get a pro – it’s worth it. Don’t let your cousin who has a big camera take the photos because he thinks he can. You need a pro.

Remember your bouquet

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Now, I will get to my point. Your dress will be worn once, your wedding meal will be eaten, your guests will go home, you will have memories and photos left. Getting a printed photo album is your best way to preserve those memories, through the professionally taken photos. Trust me, in a matter of years your memories will fade. Will you remember how your wedding bouquet looked like? Probably not. Printing those photos into a wedding album will make those memories last for decades. You will love to see spreads of pictures from the day as the event happened. Page by page, from preparation, thru ceremony, cutting the cake, dancing all night long. This album will sit on your coffee table and I guarantee you – every person that will visit will want to see it.

Capture your memories in wedding photos

Cutting the wedding cake

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Easily Access Your Memories With A Professional Wedding Album

Some might say – “I got the pictures on my computer”. Answer yourself this last question. “How often do you sit with your friends or family in front of your computer to look at digital photos?” The answer is  – you don’t.  Yes, you will probably share a digital gallery with your friends or family, they might scroll through it once or twice and that’s that. Get a printed album. They are not cheap products. They are hand-made, using the best materials, as they are build to last for decades. For your grandchildren to look at them. The cost may be why you resist purchasing an album.  answer me this “How much was your dress that you only wore once”?

More albums that will last

Invest in a quality album and you will forever be happy you made that choice.

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