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A beach side wedding evokes all the romance, charm and whimsy one can imagine, but there are a few complications that women must navigate when dressing for such an occasion. Keeping in mind the weather, sand, breeze and overall atmosphere, Florida wedding planner Lucy Halasz of LH Weddings & Special Events has the definitive cheat sheet on how to style yourself pretty for the perfect, beach wedding getaway! 

Tips For Dressing For A Beach Wedding

Wedding flip-flops

Good Shoes Take You Good Places

 Stilettos are lovely, but a definite no-go for a beach wedding. The sand makes it impossible to walk, dance, or celebrate. Some couples’ op to provide flip flops for the guests – a fun option that acts as a saving grace for anyone ill-prepared for the sand dunes at sunset. However, a good Girl Scout is always prepared, and elegant, strappy sandals can combine the sleek look of stilettos with the functionality of a basic flip flop, allowing you to dance the night away, without losing your sophisticated look.

Our Picks:

We like this basket from Etsy creator, HopeYouDance, but you can also opt to make this a fun DIY with your bridesmaids!

LH Weddings & Events loves this ˜Cara’ Crystal Embellished Flat Sandals from Badgley Mischka in both Platino and Silver.

Wedding hat

With Hat in Hand, One Gets on in the World, Berthold Auerbach

A beach wedding, even at its most formal, always has a little more room for a fashion twist. We think a stylish sun hat is the perfect accessory to add a little bit more fun and personality to your look. Think along the lines of boho chic and a little less Kentucky Derby.

Our Picks:

The French Connection Wide Brim Floppy Straw Hat at ASOS is the perfect accent, without making your outfit look too structured or outdated.

 Don’t Wear What You Question. Wear What You Think is Right for You, Karl Lagerfeld

We know you know to avoid a white ensemble, but a few other sunny, southern rules of fashion are to think about color and fabric. Black conducts heat, meaning you’ll be burning up on that light reflecting sand and absorbing all of the sun’s harsh rays. Also keep in mind what fabrics and colors show perspiration. That Kelly green maxi dress may hug your curves in all the right ways, but after 5 minutes in the sun it could leave you with embarrassing stains.

Be Fearless, Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Yourself

Despite the expected ˜fun in the sun’ a beach excursion is sure to bring, keep in mind that you are on the water and as the sun sets, so do the temperatures. Wear light weight clothing, but bring a wrap, or, consider wearing a structured, well-tailored blazer to compliment your flowy skirt!

Our Picks:

We like this look from blogger Damsel in Dior.

People will Stare. Make it Worth Their While, Harry Winston

Skirt lengths can depend on how formal the wedding attire is, but a long maxi dress or formal jump suit can give you the elegance you need, allowing you to dress it up or down depending on the affair. If you opt for a longer dress, remember that it might drag in the sand. If you know that will bother you, consider a cocktail or tea length skirt. Above all, consider the wind. If your skirt is short, make sure it can’t fly up and over your head from an ill-timed beach breeze!

 Happy Girls are the Prettiest, Audrey Hepburn

The beach means beautiful rays of sunshine, Summer freckles and the perfect tan, but sunscreen is key! You could be out on those sparkling shores for quite some time before sunset hits and you hit the dance floor, so cover up and keep safe!

Weddding outfit

Clothes Don’t Make the Man. But they can Make the Man Look Great

Linen is always a nice option for the guys, but call ahead to make sure your hotel room has an iron or make sure you don’t forget your travel steamer. No matter the temperature, make sure the boys don’t wear shorts. If he wants to be a bit more casual, you can get away with no necktie and a nicely tailored blazer. Be sure to think of lighter colors, and consider having him wear an undershirt to avoid sweating through his clothes.

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Bio: Lucy Halasz is the founder and head coordinator at LH Weddings and Special Events, a Florida based, event planning boutique. She believes in creating truly unique, innovative weddings that are tailor made for every couple. You can follow her on Facebook, Instagram, or at

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    I like the Audrey Hepburn quote you posted. It’s definitely important that a bride is happy with how she looks in order to be her prettiest. I’m planning on getting married this year and would love to hold the ceremony on the beach. I met my girlfriend on the beach, so it will be nice way to seal our love.

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